How to make a first economic communion

If you have to prepare the first communion of one of your children and you have little budget or simply want to make an economic celebration, it is not an impossible task. First communion does not have to become a source of indebtedness for the family, it is simply something to celebrate. As from .com we have proposed to help you in everything we can, do not stop reading How to make a first economic communion .

You will need to:
  • gift list
  • reuse or rent dress
  • homemade invitations
  • home reminders
  • banquet with catering
Steps to follow:


The first advice to realize a first economic communion is to create a list of gifts . It is an assimilation of weddings, but in this case you should have listed all those who can save some money. The most typical thing is that relatives give the child the suit and accessories; but, you could even consider the invitations or the photo album.


If finally, nobody gives the communion dress, you can always reuse one. Maybe a cousin, a brother or even a friend has made communion recently and can lend it to you. It is always better to try to be as close as possible, so that you do not have to make any arrangements. Of course, if in the family there is someone especially skilled with scissors and a needle, do not hesitate to ask him to make the first communion suit. If none of the above possibilities is viable, an inexpensive way to afford the cost of the suit is not buying. In many cities there are specialized shops where you can rent the custom-made suit.


You can also save money on invitations. Communion invitations can be made by yourself or by calling the guests by phone. If you want to see how to make an invitation with Photoshop, click here. Think of it as a good way to do something with your child, be it a craft or a decorated card. In addition, you can send them by email, so you will save the printing and shipping costs.


Following with the elements made in family, another of the most important expenses of a first communion are the reminders and details . If you do a search on the internet you can find many crafts to make them easily at home and save the celebration.


Finally, in the event that you make a banquet, you can always look to rent a place and hire a separate catering service. This will be much cheaper than hiring all the first communion service in a restaurant. Also, depending on the number of guests, if you have a space in your house, you can do it there by hiring the catering.

  • Anything you can do for yourself will help you save in fellowship.