How to educate a puppy cat

Cats are said to be very independent animals, however this does not mean that they do not need an education to guarantee a good relationship with their master. Remember that cats see you as an equal, so to get their attention you must give them a striking incentive for which they must obey, this will help them relate to their new environment. If you have a puppy at home and do not know how to train it, we show you how to educate a puppy cat .

Steps to follow:


Teach her how to use the litter box, this will be the first point on how to educate a puppy cat . Within their independence cats also need privacy and especially when it comes to their needs, so you should place the sandbox in a remote and easily accessible.

Use a sand that is comfortable, generally prefer sand without odor, but this depends on the taste of the cat. Place the cat inside the litter box after each meal and try to use one without a lid until you get used to it, in this way you will associate that this is where you should go whenever you need to relieve yourself. Do not forget to reward him when he has learned to use it and avoid scolding him if he does not succeed, but you will create the opposite effect.

Finally keep the sandpit clean and perform deep cleaning, at least once a week. In case your cat does not manage to use the box, you will use it as a last resort to set it aside in a room until it gets used to it, if it goes back to your needs on the ground, place them in the sandbox so you can associate it with the place where you should go .


Cats learn by playing . It is in this way that they learn that some acts can have consequences, for example in the case of bites the cats learn that there is a limit to biting while they are with their pack, if this has not been possible with your cat puppy, perhaps have a tendency to bite you, so you must mark a limit, but without hitting it, just give it a little pinch until it screams, this way you will understand that it has caused pain.

Cats get tired quickly so their attention when playing will not be too long, so you should spend at least 15 minutes twice a day to play with your puppy. For this he uses a striking color ribbon or a laser pointer for the cat to follow him likewise, in specialized stores you will find a toy that appeals to him.


Always have the same reaction . If you scold your cat in different ways what you will do is create confusion, so you should always use the same word or phrase. On the other hand if you are going to discipline do it immediately after the event occurred, this way the cat will associate what he has just done with the punishment. If you let a lot of time pass between the action and the scolding, you will not be able to punish him, because he will not associate it with what he did an hour ago, but with what he is doing at that moment.


Provide a scraper . Cats scratch things to file their nails and to mark their territory, to avoid damaging your furniture you must give a scraper and spray it with catnip, an herb that will make your cat get excited for a few minutes, it is also known as catnip . If you discover your cat scratching something, take it immediately to the scraper, to make the association.

Of course you should not forget to cut your nails, especially if it is a cat that does not go outside, since these tend to grow faster. Additionally give it a place to climb in this way will have fun and prevent you from climbing on the countertops.


Respect your space . If a cat needs affection it will let you know, that's why you should not force it, this will cause it to have a bad reaction and adopt a defensive posture. Also, if your cat bites or scratches the ideal is to leave it in a room with the door closed for 5 minutes, within the next 20 minutes you should not feed or caress . Another technique is to put water in a bottle with spray and spray it with this when you do something that is not suitable, however try to do it without seeing you and so you will not associate with the bad time.


The prize is very important . As we stated at the beginning, cats need something that encourages them, since they do not do things simply because they are generous or because they please you, so you should try to get your cat interested in having a good behavior. Additionally, you should accustom the cat to eating only its food, so you will avoid getting on the table every time you are eating or start to meow if you do not give your food. So you should ensure that the treats you use to reward it are especially for cats.


Other tips you can follow to educate a puppy cat are:

  • Establish rules, if you have already decided that your cat should not get on the beds, tell him that he should not do it without exceptions, because if you let him one time, he will not take you seriously.
  • Never hit it, this will not benefit the trust between the cat and his master.
  • Restrict sweets, as this can affect your cat's weight considerably. In addition they will no longer be an incentive for this.