How to educate a cat

Do you want your cat to know some rules of conduct? Although it is not as simple as doing it with a dog, it is also possible to train a cat for it can help you with simple tricks that will make the relationship between you and your pet unbeatable. In this article we are going to tell you how to educate a cat in aspects such as how to learn to use its sand, not to scratch the furniture or not to maul during the night. Take note and learn to improve your relationship with your feline with little effort.

Steps to follow:


One of the problems that cat owners usually encounter is that sometimes they do not find them. And is that these animals hide in the most recondite places (boxes, suitcases, curtains, etc.) and find them can be a difficult task. So a good way in which you can educate your cat is to accustom him to come to your call, just as dogs do when you make a sound or pronounce his name.

For this to be effective, it is recommended that as soon as you begin to relate to the animal you start from the beginning to pronounce his name or to address him with the same tone, so you will understand that this conjunction of sounds is directed to him. This you can do when you caress him, when you play with him, etc. Any time you are with the cat is good to repeat his name. Then, when you get home and call him, he will come to you because he will recognize that you are calling him.

But as in any animal training, at first this can be complicated so a good way to understand what you want from him is that when you pronounce his name you accompany him with the noise of his food package to come to you. As soon as he arrives, repeat his name and reward him so that he understands that if he comes he will receive a positive reward.

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Cats have the instinct to scratch and file their nails with surfaces less appropriate for a home: the sofa, the curtains, the furniture, etc. Therefore, a good learning that you can teach your cat is not to scratch the furniture and, failing that, go to a scraper . So before trying to teach this to the animal it is important that you buy one of these contraptions that get the cat to scratch with the nails.

Once you have the scraper at home, you must show your pet the functionality of it and put it in a visible area to be found directly. To get him to come to this new object at home, you can attract him with treats for cats or pieces of food that you know he loves. In this way, the animal will associate that being in the scraper is pleasant and the reward is always positive, then it will investigate about the possibilities and understand its function.

If you see that your cat is still stubborn about scratching furniture, it is important that when you see him do it, say a resounding "No" and take him to the scraper; When you scratch there, give him a reward too so that he understands that that is what you are asking him for. In we give you more tips on how to teach a cat not to scratch furniture.


Although as a general rule, cats are hygienic animals, it is true that many of them, at the beginning, do not know very well where to make their needs and end up choosing an area of ​​the house for it. Teaching a cat to use its litter box is of vital importance so that coexistence is satisfactory for both and the way to educate the cat in this sense is not complicated at all. We recommend that you use a sand with perfume so that the animal feels comfortable in the area and wants to stay longer.

The first days you will have to accompany the cat to the sandbox so that he knows where it is ; You will see that it enters, smells and investigates, stay as long as necessary so that the animal feels calm. A trick to associate that is where you have to do your needs, is to place the box in the area where you usually evacuate so you understand that you want to do it in there. Above all, as soon as you see that he makes his needs in the box, you have to reward him and have an affectionate attitude with him so that he understands that this is what you were asking for.

If you have taken the habit of peeing in a house area where you do not want to have the potty, there are some methods to scare the cat out of there and get him not to use that space again. In we give you some suggestions that will help you to know how to scare away a cat.


Now you know some of the teachings that you can show your cat so that your relationship is unbeatable. However, you may want to teach him other things, so in the following we will give you the essential tips you have to take into account when educating a cat :

  • You always have to reward him : when the animal meets the goal you had set for yourself, you have to be attentive and give it a prize (it can be a treat, a piece of food that you love, and so on). Positive stimuli are essential for you to understand what you are asking for.
  • Use a clicker : they are devices that you can find in an animal shop or in a veterinarian and that emits a specific sound. If you get used to calling your cat with this device, you will get him to associate the noise with him and always come to your call.
  • No distractions : the moment you're training the cat you have to be 100% aware of it, so you'll have to turn off the television, mute the phone and concentrate on what you're showing. Thus, you will understand that you are watching him and that you are trying to tell him something.
  • 10 minutes a day : it is the ideal time you have to devote to educate the cat . Do not extend more time because the animal will tire and stop listening to you. The best thing is to be constant and with a clear objective. He sees teaching after teaching so that he acquires learning.