How to educate an Andalusian winemaker

The breed of ratonero dog or Andalusian bodeguero is of small size, since its weight is usually around 7 kg, it is characterized by its short tricolor fur and triangular ears always attentive. It is a breed of the Terrier family and, therefore, has hunter instinct and a lot of energy. It is a perfect dog to have as a living pet where you live, as long as you offer the amount of daily exercise you need so that it does not accumulate and result in behavioral problems.

If you have or are thinking of hosting a dog of this breed, continue reading this article and discover how to educate an Andalusian winemaker . In addition, you will also know where they come from, how their character is and how much exercise they need to be happy and, thus, you can offer the best to your pet. Remember that a well-behaved dog is always a balanced dog that will enjoy your company and yours.

Character and behavior of the Andalusian bodeguero

Before knowing how to educate an Andalusian winemaker it is good to know some details about his character and his behavior. Thus, the character of the Andalusian buzzard or bodeguero is extroverted, very cheerful, faithful, affectionate, curious, tenacious and stubborn. In addition, they are very intelligent dogs so they like to experiment and look for entertainment, for this reason it is very important to educate them in an appropriate way so that future behavioral problems do not develop.

This hunting dog is very brave so, even if it is small, it is easy to see him face other bigger dogs or other animals, so this is another reason why it is good to have him well trained. As it is a terrier dog hunter is very active and even nervous and needs to spend enough energy daily, therefore, we must provide a minimum of three daily rides in which you can run and play.

Because of his stubbornness and tenacity and being energetic, it can be a bit difficult to educate him, since he probably does not pay much attention and is more interested in something else that provides more activity and entertainment. But, on the other hand, if we educate him with positive reinforcement and thanks to his great intelligence and the fact that he is a very skilled type of dog, it can be much easier to educate and train him than it might seem.

Also, as with any other breed, if we want to live longer and be in the same place as other pets, children or strangers without being afraid or get nervous, we must accustom him from puppy, since adult will be a little more difficult. In this way, we will achieve a correct socialization and the older one will be able to enjoy any situation that we offer.

Educate an Andalusian winemaker

Like any other dog, the Andalusian buzzard has to be educated from puppy with positive reinforcement, that is to say, rewarding him when he has a desired attitude and ignoring the bad behaviors. Being a very energetic dog, we have to take advantage of this trait to actively educate him and provide exercises that will help him to learn at the same time as to tire and enjoy himself.

Thus, some activities that are effective to create a bond with your winery since childhood and that will help you to educate it correctly are the following:

Teach him to track

You can try to give a few grains of feed one by one, first give them directly, then put them on the ground around them so you have to look for them a little and, finally, hide them in some corners and encourage them to look for sniffing. You will see how soon it tracks and locates each grain of feed. This way you keep your dog physically and mentally active.

Bring the ball

An exercise that charms the Andalusian buzzards and that serves as part of their education to reinforce the idea of ​​when to come with you and listen to you in general, is the typical game that everyone practices with their pet: search and bring the ball. This practice will make your dog get tired and exercise and, if you teach him to bring the ball correctly, you will be able to create a bond with the one that both of you will enjoy.

Do not jump on top of people

As it is an active and extroverted dog, it is likely that since childhood he likes to greet people by jumping over them to get his attention. It is important that, as part of the basic education of an Andalusian bodeguero, you teach your dog not to jump on people. Prémialo when you approach quietly someone and so you will understand that it is better to approach so not with too much energy.

Other aspects of their education

Like any other dog your pet will need to educate you in other aspects such as teaching him to do his needs outside the house and to stay calm when he is alone at home for a while, but you must keep in mind that it is not good to leave him for several hours in a row. . Also, there are many other orders and games that will serve to educate an Andalusian winemaker as to educate him to come or educate him so that he does not get on the bed or the sofa.

Following all these tips you will get your pet to be a balanced and happy dog and both will enjoy your coexistence.

Required exercise for an Andalusian buzzard

We insist that this Andalusian race is very active and if it does not spend all the energy it accumulates daily it ends up suffering from anxiety, nervousness and having behaviors that we do not like like destroying objects at home or barking constantly. For this reason, it is very important that you take it out every day to walk 3 times a day a minimum of half an hour each time and that you release it in a permitted area and without danger so you can run and get tired . In addition, it is good to be related to other dogs, with other people, to sniff their environment and that you play with him as much as you can. If you do not want to release it you can buy special straps for this and that are more than 2 meters long, allowing your pet to have enough freedom of movement.

Making your daily walks serve to relate, play, learn and have fun while to tire you get your hairy is happy. If you enjoyed knowing how to educate an Andalusian winemaker, you may also be interested in knowing how to educate a German shepherd or how to educate a schnauzer.