How to educate my dog ​​to come when I call him

When we decide to have a dog, we must take into account all the care that this implies. In order for the new member of the family to coexist properly, it is essential to teach him a series of rules and regulations ; just like humans. These rules can go from not getting on the couch, peeing in place, not barking and sleeping in your bed and not in ours, etc. One of the most costly actions to teach a dog is how to educate him to come when we call him and it is something that is even more important when we are away from home. We want to be sure that we can trust that our dog will come to us when we want to, to avoid scares and feel that he does not do what he wants. In we explain how to educate my dog ​​to come when I call him .

Steps to follow:


In order for a dog to learn to sit, stretch, pee, and come to us when we call, we must be sure that we provide all the things he needs. This means that we must be covering all your needs, not only so that we can teach you, but to make you a happy and healthy dog. Therefore, our dog must take a balanced diet, perform the necessary exercise for their race and age and give love and affection, among other things. If our dog feels good, it will be easier for him not to be distracted when we need his attention to teach him.


We must establish a relationship of trust with our dog so that he heed us. If our dog knows us, we will have more possibilities to pay attention when we need his attention. Before we leave our dog outside the house, we must practice inside it. Grab your favorite toy and call your dog by name while you show him the toy; when he approaches, caress him and say something like "very well" so that he associates it with a caress with a good action. Try this different times, you will probably see that when you throw the toy does not return to return it, but at this time we do not try to teach this, but to return when we call, with or without the toy.


One option that is usually really effective is to serve yourself with specific dog biscuits to give them in the form of a prize. Say the name of your dog showing him the cookie in his hand and say something like "come here . " When approaching prémiale giving the cookie and saying "very well", as indicated in the previous point. You can repeat this action several times, although it is likely that eventually your dog will get tired of coming. It is important not to overdo the cookies and reduce in proportion the food that we are going to give later so that it does not eat more than the account. The important thing is that he understands the relationship between coming to us and rewarding him, along with the caress and the verbal reinforcement "very well". This will make it easier for our dog to understand.


We must be constant and not despair, although sometimes we feel that our dog does not pay attention to us. If we perceive that our dog is deconcentrated, try to try again at another time; Remember that you must have your needs covered. When we are home educating our dog to come when we call, we should avoid possible distractions . The best thing is to be in a space that is not too big, with few objects and where you will only find the dog and you.


One of the most accurate answers to how to educate my dog ​​to come when I call him is not getting angry . Sometimes it can be frustrating, but if every time our dog does not pay attention to us, he feels that we are punishing him or perceives in us a negative attitude, he can provoke even more rejection in him when we call him. If we have been trying for a long time, we must bear in mind that our dog will get tired, so it is best to spend about half an hour, or depending on how we see our dog responds. It is very important to reinforce your good behavior with a positive response, that is, rewarding you.


Once we have got our dog to come to us when we call him at home, we can try out for the first time, in a place that is not too open, so that he can not escape. The first few times, we can execute the action with an extendable strap and, if we see that it responds properly, release it and try the procedure explained above. If you are with other dogs it will be more difficult for you to ignore us, so being alone with our dog and family, which the dog also knows, may be a good option. Remember to premirarle every time I come to you, along with caresses and verbal reinforcement "very well".