How to educate my deaf cat

If you already know with certainty that your cat is deaf, you will surely want to make life easier in the home. It is important to educate your pet to make this happen. You must have some basic notions in mind so that your cat has an adequate treatment. That's why from .com we want to teach you with some tips on how to educate a deaf cat.

Steps to follow:


Place a rattle to know where it is going and an identification plate in case it escapes.


When you get home, turn the lights on and off several times so you know you've arrived. If when you arrive your cat is asleep, come closer but do not scare him by touching him, hit the ground so you can feel the vibrations and know that you are already at home.


Repetitive and coherent gestures will help your deaf cat to understand you and to educate you.


Keep toys for your cat at home that visually serve him so that he can play and be entertained.


Do not leave home under any circumstances, since not listening to the dangers around you can happen anything.


Talk to your cat while he looks at you even though he can not hear you. Your facial expressions and non-verbal communication will also help you understand you. Remember that felines are very intelligent animals.


Keep your sandbox, food, water and bed always in the same place. If you decide to change it, show it visually so you remember where it is.


Never yell at him or be aggressive with your cat. Besides cruel it is unnecessary. Never throw things on him to get his attention. If you want to educate your cat correctly, you must first have confidence in yourself and, to achieve it, you need to give him all the love of the world and be understanding with him.