+10 Christmas gifts for my dog ​​- original and pretty ideas

More and more people are living with a dog and consider him a member of their family, to the point of celebrating festivities counting on them as one more, whether birthdays or dates as marked as Christmas. There are those who decide that they also want to give something to their hairy so that they have a surprise like the rest and enjoy it, but it is not always easy to decide. Although for him the most important thing will be that you are always by his side and share to the maximum the good and bad moments, you can make him some surprise that he has to discover under the tree or that he even sees her enter through the door. If you have doubts keep reading, because we want to give you several ideas teaching you these more than 10 Christmas gifts for my dog .

Coats and boots for dogs

Although they are already dates in which it is usually quite cold, you can give a new coat to your dog, depending on the area where you live can be wool, hair, a raincoat, etc., be sure that there will still be months to use it Although the dogs already have their own protection, between their skin, fat and fur, depending on what type of dog they are and the area in which they live, surely they will appreciate an extra coat, for example if they are small and with short hair and live in a place with snow.

In addition, if you have pads or cushions of sensitive feet, you walk a lot or do many excursions and, above all, if they are out in the snow or rocky terrain, you can give them boots or booties for dogs . These are good ideas to protect a dog from the cold.

Another very Christmas option is to give Christmas costumes for dogs, the typical ones that are like coats or dresses. Some Christmas gift ideas for dogs are the typical Santa hat, the Santa Claus costume or the reindeer horns.

Remember that all these accessories can only be put on if you feel comfortable with them, since there are dogs that do not accept them well and have a really bad time. One way to get them to wear it is to get used to it from very small and little by little with positive reinforcement.

Sleeping bed and blanket

Is your bed and blanket old? It is normal that with daily use they get dirty a lot and there comes a day that even if they wash they look old, and even have a hole. For this reason, giving a new bed and blanket to the dog for Christmas is one of the options that most people choose, because it is a good time to renew. You can opt for Christmas designs or for the typical ones with bones, legs or assorted colors. In addition, the offer of shapes, sizes, designs, colors and coat quantity is very diverse and you can choose the set that you like most for your faithful companion.

Another option is to do them yourself, so discover here How to make a dog bed.


You still think " what can I give my dog ​​for Christmas? ", Because if you have space outside the house, in the garden or terrace, you can choose to give a booth to your dog . Find one that is appropriate to your size, you have to be able to turn around quietly inside it, otherwise it will be very small. It is also advisable that you choose a doghouse that serves to protect both the cold and the heat. So, while you are out enjoying the day or playing you will have a good corner in which to rest.

Dog feeder and trough

Other objects that a furry person usually uses at home and that wear out by using them daily are the feeder and the drinking fountain . If yours are already a little old you can buy a pair to set that you like, but try to be appropriate to the size of your partner and materials suitable for dogs and if, for example, are steel look for some that are stainless steel.

Give your dog toys for Christmas

If your furry friend is one of those who enjoy spending long moments playing with their toys or nibbling them, you can choose to give new toys to your dog, so if some are old or broken you can renew them. Some ideas of dog toys that are recommended are the following:

  • Rope bones.
  • Funny balls, for example there are designs with drawings such as teeth, pacifiers, animals, et cetera.
  • Dolls with whistle, ideal for dogs that like the noise of toys.
  • Stuffed animals suitable for dogs.
  • Throw balls, either manual or automatic.
  • Games of intelligence and smell.
  • Kong.

Food and treats for your dog

Something your dog will appreciate is that you buy him food that he loves so much and some dog treats . Remember that canned food or wet dog food, as well as some feed and, above all, sweets should be a sporadic food. It is important for your health that these foods, which usually contain more fats than necessary, are your rewards in an education with positive reinforcement and never your daily meal.

You can buy cookies, sinews, cans, etc., or you can choose to make cookies easy dogs, as we tell you in this other article of.

Hygiene and beauty products for dogs

If you have finished the dog shampoo, this time is good to buy a new pack. Look for a shampoo suitable to the hair of your hairy and to complete the gift you can choose a soft colony for dogs . Remember that although we love that they smell like cologne they do not like it, so do not choose products with strong smells and make sure they are suitable for dogs.

New strap, collar and sheet for your dog

A new collar or harness, a new strap and a new sheet can be a perfect gift pack for your dog, especially if they are already somewhat worn, not only for aesthetics but for their safety, because they could break while you walk.

Decide what type of necklace, harness or belt to walk are the most suitable for you and choose the set that you like. In the store they will be able to advise you well on the best types for your companion.

Adopt a dog at Christmas

If you have thought of welcoming or adopting a furry, Christmas and the following months are one of the best times of the year, since it is one of the seasons in which there are more dropouts. So if you think your partner will get along with another dog, talk to some association or animal protector to adopt a dog .

Since we want to remember that dogs are not toys or objects that can be given to someone without first having spoken seriously with that person, as this encourages abandonment. So at Christmas if you want to expand your hairy family, do not buy, better adopt .

Give a quiet Christmas holidays to your dog and enjoy

Finally, something that your hairy will thank you very much this Christmas is that you do not mount much trouble at home, especially if it is scary. So, think about having a quiet family holidays and spend the most time with him, even take him out for a walk more times if at home he is overwhelmed because there are many people. Surely so you'll see signs that your dog is happy even if there is a party at home.