How to direct your dog

Leadership is based on clear communication and coherence. Dogs do not reason, anticipate their reactions or ask questions, so you should make it clear what you expect from them. What dogs need is to have a master that is a leader, in this way the dog will know what is expected of him and will respond better. Here are some tips to become and always be the leader of your dog and how to direct your dog .


When a dog receives different messages from different people, it is possible that it gets confused. It is very important to establish reasonable rules for the dog and make sure that all family members comply with them. For example, if you do not want the dog to climb on the couch, the whole family must scold you when you do.


Never allow or reinforce aggressive or pampered behavior in a puppy. Everyone likes a puppy to nibble at or jump on when he plays, but he will not like it as much when he becomes an adult.


Parents reinforce their children to behave well by praising them for their good behavior. Dogs also respond to compliments. In fact, your dog learns what is expected of him much faster if he gets, for example, a compliment if he feels immediately or a prize when he comes running to his call.


Some dogs are never asked to do anything and these are usually dogs with attitude problems. If you want your dog to behave well, it is a good idea to make him work to earn some prizes. For example, teach him to wait by sitting in front of the door before letting him out, order him to sit down and wait while he places his plate of food in front of him. Always reward your obedience with a compliment or a prize. Your dog will soon understand that obedience is the key to the happiness of both.