How to take off two dogs when they cross - discover what to do

If you've ever seen two dogs mating, you'll know it's hard to avoid wondering why they get stuck. As it is something that humans do not happen to us, it is common that the first reaction we have when seeing it is to think that something has happened to them and that they need help or, in case it happens without having it planned, we ask ourselves how to take off two dogs when they cross, looking to prevent the female from getting pregnant. However, before acting you must know that it is normal in them. In this article we are going to clear this doubt and to comment many more details about the mating, which should be known for the sake of our pets.

How is the canine reproductive system

To understand how dog reproduction works and, thus, to answer questions like the one that is posed, it is necessary to begin by knowing what organs have their reproductive system.

How is the reproductive system of dogs

The one of the males consists of eight main parts, that can be divided between the internal and external parts:

  • Internal parts : the testicles, the epididymides, the vas deferens, the prostate and the urethra.
  • External parts : the scrotum, the foreskin and the penis.

How is the reproductive system of bitches

The reproductive system of females can also be divided into eight main parts that make the whole process possible, from heat to intercourse, pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Internal parts : the ovaries, the oviducts, the uterine horn or the horns of the uterus, the uterus, the vagina and the vaginal vestibule.
  • External parts : the vulva and the clitoris.

The following lines detail how the parts that intervene at the moment in which the two dogs stay stuck, among other details.

How to separate two dogs by mating

If you have suddenly found that your dog or dog is hooked with another when crossing, it is likely that, not having planned, you wonder how to separate two dogs that are mating that are mating. You may also ask because you think they need help because something has gone wrong and they can not be separated.

The answer to this doubt is clear: DO NOT take off two dogs when they cross, you never have to. The reasons why you do not have to do anything are several and all of them are to protect your health, because when you try to disengage them you will only get to harm both, and we can even take a bite.

The way they get hooked, which we explain in the next section, prevents them from being separated, but if force is exerted, pulling them, there could be separation with the consequences that entails. Some of the main problems that occur in case of unhooking two dogs that are crossed are the tears in the genitals, the prolapse of the vagina and hemorrhages.

Why dogs get stuck when mating

If you separate two dogs that cross these can suffer great damage because, this fact, is part of their way of reproducing and, because of their anatomy, they are embedded in each other. Specifically, when the male mounts and penetrates the female, then it is dismounted but without removing the penis, being stuck and back, what is known as "turning and buttoning". As is natural, they do not need our help and they will unhook themselves when they finish . In case of wanting them to separate because they did not seek their reproduction, equally nothing should be done, as we would harm them.

This happens because the ejaculation of the male occurs in phases and, after some time, nature developed this hooking system to ensure that complete ejaculation is given and pregnancy is possible. This hooking happens because there is an area of ​​the penis, the penile bulb, which widens after penetration, fitting into the vaginal vestibule. Having to be in this position for several minutes leads the dogs to position themselves better, turning their backs, to be able to monitor their surroundings, since they are at a time when they are vulnerable.

How long does the mating of dogs last?

The first thing to keep in mind is that canine mating has several phases :

  1. Recognition and courtship.
  2. Monta
  3. Penetration and rotation.
  4. Buttoning and complete ejaculation.

In addition, the part that can last longer is that of ejaculation since they do it in stages. These are the phases of ejaculation and the time ranges that each of them usually takes:

  • Urethral or preesperm fraction: lasts between 20 and 50 seconds. It occurs at the beginning, during penetration, and in this whitish fluid, called seminal plasma or prostatic fluid, there are no sperm yet. It serves to prepare the passage to the sperm, being a liquid very rich in nutrients for them.
  • Spermatic fraction: lasts between 2 and 3 minutes. It is white, thicker than the previous liquid and does contain sperm. At this time a part of the penis swells and they stay hooked.
  • Prostatic or postspermatic fraction: lasts between 4 and 6 minutes. In this phase there are very few sperm, so the liquid becomes whitish and not so thick. As soon as this fraction ends, the penis bulb relaxes, that is, the erection goes down and they just take off.

Regarding how long the mating of the dogs lasts, it should be noted that these are only the phases from the moment of penetration, but that as the process has more phases or stages, as mentioned before, this is longer, being able to last between 20 minutes and up to just over 1 hour.

How to prevent two dogs from matching

Since we recommend that if you do not want our pet to have babies, avoid encounters in times of heat. Likewise, we advise the castration or sterilization, both of males and females, for their well-being and health and, also, because in several countries it is illegal to breed dogs without special permits that certify as official breeder of a breed.

If, for whatever reason, you do not want to choose to neuter or neuter your dog, it is necessary to take into account some recommendations to prevent two dogs from mating :

  • When your dog is in heat, especially in the receptive phase, avoid being with males, take her out for walks at times when it is difficult to find other dogs.
  • Never let loose your dog in heat on the street or in the field.
  • Make sure that your hairy, male or female, does not have an easy escape from home, like some trapdoor or easy fences to jump or climb.
  • While the dog is in the bleeding phase and marked with urine, wash your terrace and the entrance of your house very well and several times a day, so the smell of pheromones can be less strong and not attract so much to the males.
  • If you have two or several dogs of different sex without castrating or sterilizing, you will have to make sure that at home they are in well separated areas and that they can not leave them on their own.
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