How to tell my son that his pet has died

The pets for our children are more than that, they are members of the family and that is why it is difficult to tell your child that their pet has died, because it is possibly the first experience with that situation and feeling. And we must be prepared, since it can be sad, angry or even that requires more attention, that is why you should be aware to help you overcome the loss. How to tell my son that his pet has died? Here we give you some tips for this.

You will need to:
  • Patience for your child to overcome the loss.
Steps to follow:


You must find a quiet and comfortable place to talk with your child and explain what happened, it is not advisable to "sweeten" reality, because we can disorient, and we do not avoid the pain of loss, unfortunately it is a stage that has to pass .


Your child may have questions that you must answer clearly, so that he can understand the situation.

You have to take into account the age, in many cases do not consider death as what it is, logically because they do not understand it, they think it is temporary and that nothing has happened to your pet, but after 9 or 10 years, they already understand what death is and what is a stage of life.


It would not be advisable to replace the loss of the pet with another, since you can confuse it. As soon as your child overcomes the loss, he will probably ask you to adopt another pet, this will indicate that his period of mourning has passed.


Bury our pet can help your child better understand what happened and also understand the feeling that lives, and realize that it is a difficult time but that time heals.


It is important to understand how we feel, how we are going to face this situation and how we are going to transmit it to our son; We must be calm and confident in what we are going to say.


We can explain to our son the stages of the life of the pet that we have had or that we are going to have, so that he knows, that at a certain moment that great friend of hers can get older, suffer an accident, illness and die. What we will achieve with this brief explanation is to make him understand the cycle of life.


If you have any questions, go to a specialist or pediatrician.

  • Explain clearly the situation that is being lived.
  • Depending on the age of our child, we must explain it in one way or another.
  • Understand a possible reaction of our inordinate son
  • Make him understand that it is a stage that you have to live.
  • For any doubt, go to a behavioral specialist, psychologists, or even to the pediatrician.