How should my rabbit's hygiene be?

Having a rabbit as a pet can be very rewarding when we know how to live with him and we know how to take care of him correctly. But even knowing these basic concepts for your care, it is important to take hygiene into account. Rabbits spend most of the day grooming and licking each other but there are aspects about their hygiene that are important not to overlook so that our little one stays healthy. That's why, from .com, we explain how your rabbit's hygiene should be.


The bath, unless it is an Angora rabbit, is not recommended. But there are times when there is no other choice but to bathe them so they stay clean. Remember that if you decide to bathe your rabbit, they should not be more than twice a year since this activity produces a high level of stress and also destroys their natural layer. Keep in mind the following aspects:

  • All the bathing process you must do without forcing your rabbit because it could stress a lot. Dedicate time and patience.
  • If you decide to bathe it other than in cold weather, better when it's hot.
  • The temperature of the water must be tempered.
  • Do not wet your face so you do not get soap in your eyes, ears, nose or mouth.
  • Use a specific shampoo for rabbits or if you do not find a neutral ph for babies.
  • Rinse the soap well and dry it with a towel until it is completely dry. Do not use a hairdryer because it can be scary and with the hot air your eyes can get irritated.

The ones

Rabbits grow their nails very quickly, so the ideal thing is to cut their nails once every two weeks . The nail clipper must be special for animals, an example is the cat nail clipper. It is advisable that the first time the veterinarian does it in your presence and in this way you learn to do it. But I will give you some tips as well:

  • To cut them, do it with the help of another person, it is a delicate moment and the rabbit can feel annoyed and will try to escape at all times. One person should hold the rabbit firmly in his lap or on a table and the other will cut his nails.
  • Do it in a well-lit place so you do not have failures. You should cut only the part of the nail and look carefully where the part of the meat begins so as not to cut this part that has an internal vein that should not be touched in the cut. Look at the whitish part of the nail and cut only a minimum of each nail. Respect the shape of the nail making the cut slightly inclined. If you cut more than the bill, wash the wound, cover the nail and go to the vet.

The fur

The coat of your rabbit is very important to have it well groomed and brushed. Brushing should include all parts of your rabbit's body (head, back, legs, belly ...). Take into account different aspects:

  • Brush once or twice a week until all the dead hair has been removed. It is very important so that when the rabbit licks not swallow too much hair, as they accumulate in your stomach and when you create balls of hair that can not expel can cause serious problems.
  • Give hay that contains fiber that will digest the hair and expel it through the feces.
  • Never cut your hair if it is a short-haired rabbit. If it is an Angora rabbit and you knot it, go to your veterinarian to assess if it is necessary or better to avoid it.

Eyes, ears, skin and teeth

  • Our pet's eyes can have dry or wet laments that are not important and can be removed with sterile gauze moistened with water or serum. We must do it with care and with our hands clean, because otherwise we can pass germs that cause irritation or infections. If you see your eyes watering or oozing, go immediately to the vet.
  • Clean the ears of your rabbit with damp gauze and very carefully as it is a delicate area. If you see any anomalies or parasites go to the vet.
  • The skin of the rabbit is delicate, if you see that it is scaly or has parasites in the folds of the body, go to the vet.
  • The teeth do not require cleaning but they grow continuously and it is necessary to watch that they grow correctly and without anomalies. Hay helps prevent deviations. If you notice something strange go to the vet.

The sexual organs

It is one of the most delicate areas. In addition they get dirty very frequently since it is in direct contact with the excrements. If your rabbit gets dirty, you can remove the remains that accumulate in the folds around your sexual organs and anus with a baby wipe very delicately because your rabbit can be annoying. If you do not have baby wipes, you can do it with a sterile gauze dampened in warm water.