How to decorate the table for a dinner with friends

Surely on more than one occasion you have had guests at home . It is an ideal time to surprise diners with a well-prepared table . However, for this, we need a series of tips to know how to decorate the table for a dinner with friends . Simple tricks that will help us in these special meetings.

Steps to follow:


The first thing we must do is choose if we want to sit down or make a buffet-style dinner, with which we will mess less and save space. If we choose to make a dinner sitting, we must pay attention to the spaces. Try that each diner has enough to be able to move freely and that none match the annoying leg of the table.


If we want the dinner with friends to be a success, we can try to mix the guests at our whim, trying to match those people who have more in common. For this, it is worth to perform the typical support on which we will write the name of the guest. It will be something different and fun, more if the guests do not know each other.


If we do not want to resort to the typical little signs with names, we can always opt for something more original, such as printing a photo of each of the diners and presenting them all in the same format so that they can play the same role as the previous one. This resource is ideal to decorate the table for an informal dinner .


For the decoration of the table we try to resort to the simple centers, without many flowers or objects that stand out. A simple candle or a vase with some wild flower will be really good at a casual dinner. Less is more.


Do not forget to read carefully some manual to place the cutlery and glasses . Remember that each of these utensils serves one thing, and according to the protocol has a specific provision. Even if it's a dinner with friends or an informal dinner, we should not neglect these details.


We can choose a tablecloth of a single color, for example white. In addition to being more elegant, it will allow us to combine it with napkins of another color, something that will give dynamism to the whole.


Finally, if we want our friends' dinner to be buffet-style, we should try to make sure that the table is not stuck to any wall. In this way, the guests will have greater ease when it comes to moving around and reaching the different dishes. These are some of the keys to the decoration of an informal party .