How to give a medication to a dog

When our pet gets sick it is normal to feel worried, not only for their health but also to ask ourselves in what way we are going to administer the medicines prescribed by the veterinarian and that the developed senses of the dog make it very easy to detect the hidden medicine. In .com we want to help you with this topic, that's why we give you the keys so you can discover how to give a medication to a dog .

Steps to follow:


It is very important that you stay calm and do not be nervous about approaching your dog with medicine. If you despair or you are tense your dog will feel it and it will be difficult to control it


Depending on what your pet has there are three basic forms of medication: in pills, drops or injections. When it comes to pills, approach your dog calmly, open its mouth, place the pill on its tongue and close it gently, keep it closed until it swallows. Do not do it violently but rather firmly


Another option is to mix the pill with the food, but the animals usually sniff their food so they usually detect it and do not eat it. You can give the pill along with a dog biscuit for example or some food that you use to reward it and that you can eat in a single bite


In the case of drugs in drops of oral intake the situation is similar. The best way to administer them is with a syringe (obviously without a needle). Take the head of your dog, take it up and put the syringe on one side, where they finish their teeth and empty it, in this way the medication will go directly to your throat without spitting


When it comes to eye drops the situation can become difficult if your dog is very restless. Take the animal to a space where you can control it, if it is small you can place it in your lap, remember to be firm but not nervous. You must place one hand on your forehead and with that open the upper eyelid while with the other you open the lower one and pour the drops. This can be unpleasant for the dog and it will be difficult for that reason it is advisable to do it between two people


If it is a complication with your ears it is possible that the animal feels very bad and decayed. Put it on your legs, on a sofa or on the floor leaving the ear to treat, with caresses keep the dog in that position, pour the drops and have him stay at least a minute in that position so that the medication enter the affected area. Repeat the process on the other ear if necessary


When it comes to stomach diseases or other diseases that make your pet vomit the best is that the medication is injected, consult your veterinarian about this treatment taking into account that you will probably need to take it to a center to be injected to daily

  • If despite these recommendations you find it impossible to get your dog to take your medication then we recommend consulting your veterinarian