How to shine my cat's hair

If you want your cat's hair to shine, the key is that your pet is healthy. A lustrous coat is synonymous with health, neither more nor less. And for felines it is especially important because through their hair they establish many relationships with the environment and with other living beings. But aside from you taking care of your cat in all the senses, we are going to give you some guidelines so that your mantle is beautiful and shining at all times. In this article of .com we explain how to shine your cat's hair.

Steps to follow:


To begin, you must understand the importance of your cat's hair for your life. It is its protective layer, that is, it serves as a thermal insulator both to cope with heat and cold, and also plays a crucial role in their social relationships. The fur is very relevant to their sense of touch, through which they communicate with humans and other animals of their species. Therefore, you must take care of your hair, because if you do not do it in a certain way, you will be affecting your communication skills and, of course, your health.


To get your pet's hair shiny, you must spend time brushing your fur . Thus, you will be taking care of your mantle eliminating the dirt that can accumulate. You can start with a flexible and soft bristle brush, it is the best way to remove dead hair. Do it in the opposite direction to the hair, from the tail to the head. Afterwards, you should continue brushing in favor of the fur growth, that is, from your head to your tail.

To do this work, it is worth a metallic barbed brush that will untangle and keep your mane soft. Although the frequency will depend on the type of hair of your cat (if it is long, short, more or less thick), it is advisable to brush it daily for about 5 minutes. Accustom your cat since childhood to this routine and it will not be a problem.


Another tip to make your feline's hair shine is hydration. It is basic to make it look healthy, strong and shiny. Make sure your cat always has plenty of clean, fresh water at his fingertips. Have several drinkers at home so that you can satisfy your need without problems.

Apart from water, food is very important . There are light feeds that, as they have fewer calories, reduce the contribution of good fats: omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These fats are important and necessary to keep your skin and hair healthy. For example, blue fish has a high concentration of these components, which are highly beneficial for your cat. Salmon and tuna are two highly recommended fish for your cat, you can offer a bite of both each week. So you will be taking care of your skin and keeping your hair super. It is important that these fish are clean, raw, without spines and without viscera, and previously they must have been frozen for at least 72 hours.


But if you do not have tuna or salmon, an alternative is canned blue fish. For example, you can take a can of sardines and give it a little of its oil. Do not get confused and give him the liquid of a canned fish spicy or spicy. Grab a spoon and put a little of the sardine oil in your usual meal once a week. So you will have a powerful omega 3 and 6 source for your organism.

In addition to these extra contributions of healthy fats, it is essential that you feed your cat with quality feed and adapted to their needs. Your food should have a perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Do not feed him with generic brands, because they usually contain ingredients of lower biological quality. The cats are carnivorous animals and need a high proportion of proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to have a shiny coat. If your cat is overweight, put it on a diet because the extra weight can cause it to have problems cleaning itself. Talk to your veterinarian to assess the options.


In the event that your cat's hair is not shiny and looks dull, look and see if you find any signs of parasites such as worms and fleas. If you have a strange inhabitant, it will rob you of nutrients and cause your hair to lose its good appearance. In this sense, do not forget to put the external pipettes and the corresponding internal medication so that you are not harmed by any plague that threatens your health.

And regarding hygiene, cats groom themselves for many hours every day. It is not recommended that you bathe your pet very often, only when necessary, every 3 or 4 months may be enough. Too many baths dry out your coat, if you do use a shampoo specially designed to protect your cat's coat. After washing, do not forget to rinse very well so that no residue remains. If there is any soap remaining, it will make the hair look very dull and itchy.