How to give syrup to a dog

The health of our dog is fundamental and, at times, can cause us some headaches to worry excessively if we see symptoms that could be sick. When our dog suffers some disease or is not well for something that has been wrong, the veterinarian will recommend to give some medication in the form of a pill or syrup. It is possible that at first you do not pose any problem before the fact that our dog can take a medication. However, you will realize that it can be difficult at the moment of taking action. Our dog can refuse the syrup when we try to give it to him and, after several attempts, it can be a headache. In we will explain how to give syrup to a dog to make it easier for you.

Steps to follow:


We must think that a dog is not used to taking substances with such strange flavors as a syrup can. If to humans, a syrup can taste bad, imagine a dog, which has a much greater sense of smell than man . When you have to give your dog a medicine in the form of a pill, it is very common to put it inside a piece of bread or other food, although it does not guarantee that you will eat it. Now, the syrup can not be hidden in food and if we must give it several times a day for a while, we can not give food that our dog should not consume regularly, such as bread or other food for human consumption.


If your dog should take some syrup from a young age or had to take it temporarily, it is best to take advantage of it to relate it to something good . A caress after the syrup is taken along with a verbal stimulus such as "very well" will make me associate the syrup intake with a positive response from us. Do not show him the syrup directly when you want him to drink it, because you will get his attention. Next, we will explain how the procedure should be performed.


If you try to give your dog the syrup as you would with a person, the result will be negative. First, because the likelihood is that your dog will reject the smell of the substance, and second, because although trying to lick the syrup, it would spill. The best option is to use a needleless plastic syringe . Do not show your dog the syringe if he does not focus his attention on that, but wait until he is calm, approach him, caress him and try to avoid seeing the syringe. Next, put a hand in such a way that the dog can not open its mouth, you can make it look like you're stroking it a bit, then insert the needleless syringe on one side of its mouth, in the back area as you add pressure to the syringe so that the syrup comes out. Do not do it very quickly, because all the syrup will come out of the bottle and it may come out of your mouth.


The most important thing is that your dog does not detect that you are doing something out of the ordinary, but present a calm behavior and caress him . Once you have given him the syrup prémiale and tell him that he has done very well. Giving syrup to your dog can be more difficult if you are in a very active state, so it will be better not to try it right after playing with it or when you go out for a walk, because surely your dog will know it's time to go out and will be more excited.


Have patience Patience is fundamental when you decide to have a dog, so when you try to give it syrup, you should remember it. If you see that your dog gets nervous when you try to give him the syrup, wait a while and try again, otherwise, when you try again it will be more difficult. Do not try to give the syrup by opening its mouth completely and introducing the liquid at once, because you can cause it to go into the respiratory tract, suffocating it. Now that you know how to give your dog syrup and how not to give it, you just have to try it. Cheer up!.