How to search for a wedding announcement in a newspaper

Wedding announcements appear, sometimes, in newspapers. They help the newly engaged to inform family, friends and acquaintances of their news. The newspaper clipping also serves as a great memory for the couple. Follow these steps if you want to look for an old wedding ad in the newspaper. Sometimes it is the friends themselves who publish it to spend a joke on those who get married or to share the joy of the wedding in a newspaper.

Steps to follow:


Visit the website of the newspaper in question. Most newspapers have an online file section. Find the file section and select the diary date you want. Scroll to the ad section to find the ad.


Call or visit the newspaper headquarters. An employee can send a copy of the document or email with a copy of the announcement. This will cost you the regular price of the newspaper or a small fee.


Visit your local library Libraries often maintain an extensive catalog of past, local and other newspapers. The librarian will point you in the right direction and even look in the newspaper's online catalogs if you have trouble finding the physical copy yourself.


Visit any of the local museums or historical archives, which often preserve and catalog old newspapers.