How to save in a first communion

The first communion is one of the sacraments of the Christian religion, which normally takes place during childhood and which, in addition to the ecclesiastical celebration, usually involves a party with the family and / or friends. That is why many families must make economic efforts to carry the expenses that implies that a child makes communion . In we want to make things easier for you and in this article we explain some tips on how to save in a first communion.

Steps to follow:


In the first place, it is necessary to bear in mind that the celebration of the first communion should be adapted to the economic possibilities of each family and not exceed the budget allocated to this event.


Likewise, it will be important to begin preparations for communion well in advance . This will allow us to plan more peacefully as well as ask for different budgets, consult different establishments ... and choose what is best for us.


To save in a communion, it will be necessary to meditate well what type of celebration you are going to organize and with whom you will share that day . Perhaps a long list of guests is not indispensable, but you can reduce it and invite only those closest to you.


Also, it is not mandatory to hold a large banquet in a room, but you can also opt for something more informal or choose to do it at home. In this way, we recommend that you ask for a budget in different restaurants, catering services, etc. and calculate what is best suited to your budget. We recommend our article how to choose the place for the communion banquet where it is explained more.


As for your child's communion dress, it will not be necessary to buy a new and expensive one. In the case that brothers, cousins, friends or acquaintances who have previously made communion, we can try to take advantage of it. The same goes for girl's accessories for this day. If this possibility does not fit, there are also places where you can rent a communion suit, which will be cheaper than buying one.


Regarding the theme of invitations, reminders and other details of the style, it is very practical to create them ourselves at home. If you want to see how to make an invitation with Photoshop, click here. Think of it as a good way to do something with your child, be it a craft or a decorated card. In addition, you can send them by e-mail, so you'll save the cost of printing and shipping.


The same happens with the photographic report, since today most of us have a camera that will allow us to immortalize the day of communion. You can also ask someone to attend the celebration to record on video, we give you more details in our article how to make the photo album of first communion.


The hairdressing will be another expense that we can reduce or to do without to save in the first communion, since we can make our son / a hairstyle at home. The same goes for the mothers of the children who are going to receive communion, you can see here how to comb my hair to go to a first communion.


You must think about what is really essential and what can be dispensed with . It is a matter of not exceeding oneself, but of celebrating an austere first communion, although not for that reason less beautiful and arranged.