Drinks for teen parties

Teenagers are at a stage where they love to have fun and behave a little like adults, so parties are usually the perfect occasion to unleash all their energy. However, we know that alcoholic beverages are never an adequate alternative for minors, so when it comes to holding a celebration for them one of the first things that come to our mind is what can I serve to drink? If you need a good guide, in .com we give you some ideas for drinks for teenage parties that everyone will like.

San Francisco, the perfect cocktail without alcohol

San Francisco is a cocktail that originally does not have alcohol, so it is ideal for the parties of the youngest making them feel sophisticated with a drink of fresh and delicious flavor. Making it is very simple and you only need pineapple, orange, peach and grenadine juice to give it that special fruit touch.

In our article how to prepare a San Francisco we explain in detail all the steps you must follow to make this delicious drink.

Mojitos without alcohol

Mojitos are undoubtedly a very popular cocktail among adults, so if you want to succeed with the drinks for teenage parties without risking it, mojitos without alcohol are the best option.

They are prepared in exactly the same way only omitting the white rum, although if there are adults at the party you can prepare them in a traditional way for them. It is a refreshing and delicious option for all the kids that will surely delight the guests. In our article how to make a mojito without alcohol, we explain step by step how to prepare it.

Fruit Daiquiri without liquor

Strawberry, peach or fruit that you prefer, the alcohol-free daiquiri is a perfect alternative especially for girls, who will surely want to feel elegant at the party with this special drink.

Making a strawberry daiquiri is very simple, however you should omit the portion of white rum to make it safe for the guests of this party to consume.

Fruit punches

Are you looking for simpler options for teen party drinks ? If you want something you can prepare at one time and serve, then the fruit punch is perfect. This fusion of sangria and San Francisco cocktail is very fresh and delicious, ideal for the youngest, you can also make a large amount and go serving it little by little or leave it on the table for your guests to serve.

In our article how to make a tropical punch cocktail we give you our recipe to make it.

Soft drinks and juices

In addition to the list of drinks for teenage parties can not miss the simplest and classic alternatives: soft drinks and juices perfect for those young people who are not very fond of cocktails. It offers some variety so that everyone has to drink.

And if there are also adults at the party, discover what to offer in our article drinks for an adult party.

And the food?

At .com, we do not help you with drinks alone, but we also give you some ideas for the party's appetizers, and that food can not be missed in any successful celebration. Find some delicious and easy-to-make options and surprise all the guests, discover:

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