How to cure burns in dogs

Knowing how to act before a burn in our dog is essential to provide first aid and avoid possible infection or other consequences of greater severity. Sometimes, it may happen that we have not noticed the presence of our can in the kitchen and, accidentally, a little hot oil or boiling water . Therefore, it is important, first, to take special care and try to avoid its passage and, second, to know the procedure to follow once the accident has occurred. Keep reading this article and discover how to cure burns in dogs .

Steps to follow:


As it happens with us, burns in dogs are divided into three levels depending on the severity, size of the burned area and depth of it: first, second and third degree. In general, the most common lesions in both dogs and cats are usually the first and second degree, being also the easiest to treat. So, to prevent the burn from spreading and reaching a higher level, the owner's action when dealing with it is key.


The first thing we should do when our dog burns is to lower the temperature of the part of the affected skin and clean it. To do this, we must apply plenty of cold water on the area, either directly or by moistening a clean gauze. If you use gauze do not rub, apply gentle taps. What you should not do is put ice on the burn, as it would result in another injury caused by extreme cold. If the cause has been hot oil or another similar substance, you should apply more water to remove the remains that remain on the skin.


Now is the time to apply an ointment or antibiotic ointment to avoid a possible infection, as well as provide hydration to the area of ​​burnt skin. To make it easier for you, you should trim the hair it occupies and surround the damaged part. In case of not having this type of creams, you can apply a little honey because of its antiseptic properties.


To finish with first aid in case of burns in dogs, you must bandage the area to prevent mosquitoes and other insects from causing an infection. For this, you will need a completely clean gauze and cover the burned part gently and without applying pressure. You will have to renew this bandage and clean the area every day until it is completely healed. Also, to prevent the can remove the bandage is advisable to use an Elizabethan collar .


In case of having suffered a first degree burn, with the previous care should heal in a period of time of three to ten days. However, if the injury is second or third degree, you should go to the veterinarian immediately after providing first aid to your dog to better disinfect the area, remove the dead skin and proceed to the specific treatment of that burn.


If your dog has suffered a burn from a chemical or electric shock, do not forget to use gloves to avoid damaging yourself and be especially careful when touching it, especially in the latter case. The steps detailed here are the first aid that the owners must provide their dog to cure a burn but, always, the most advisable thing is to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.