What it means to dream that you are flying

One of the most common dreams is to dream that you fly. In fact, the vast majority of people have had this dream at some point in our lives. However, there is a type of dream that is also very common and that differs slightly from the previous one and that is when you dream that you are flying by swimming. That is, when in the dream you have to use the arms in the same way you use them when you are in the water. Has it ever happened to you? If so, we invite you to read this article where we will discover what it means to dream that you are swimming . A perfect way to be able to enter your subconscious and understand what is the message you are giving.

What it means to dream that I swim in the air

If when you dream that you fly, this type of flight you do as if you were swimming, then you have to know that the meaning of your dreams is somewhat different. And, when we swim, our body has a different weight and the movements we make are much slower and more harmonious.

That is why, if you want to know what it means to dream that you swim by swimming next, we are going to give you some of the most common meanings of this strange and, at the same time, very common dream:

Cravings for freedom

Dreaming that you fly is often related to the desire to have more freedom in your life. However, if your flight is swimming, then this meaning gets even stronger. And we must not forget that, when we swim, our body becomes less heavy, yes, but more difficult to move. We can not move as fast as we do when we run or when we are on a terrestrial ground, therefore, this dream can indicate that you feel trapped, that you feel immobilized and that you strongly want to be freer and have more movement in your life .

You are getting a goal

You can also interpret this dream with another meaning: that you are advancing in your path, that you are getting closer to an objective or goal that has cost you years and that you feel full of it. In this sense, it is important to note that the fact of flying reflects that freedom, that aspiration achieved but, at the same time, flying swimming which indicates that you are not 100% free yet, you continue with awkward and difficult movements. But, calm, because you're on the right track.


To know what it means to dream that you fly swimming we also have to bear in mind that this type of dream may reflect that we are living a stage of personal improvement. It may be that we end up living a complicated moment in our lives and that, now, we begin to resurface. The flight with swimming is the perfect metaphor for this combination of sensations that make us look semi-free but, still, with wounds and scars to heal.

You are in a difficult moment of your life

Another of the readings that can be given to this dream in which you swim is that there is currently something in your life that is holding you back. Actually, the fact that your body moves with the movements of the swim can mean that something has appeared in your life that is preventing your correct movement, your freedom to "fly" and has got in your way. Analyze well what is new in your life to assess if the subconscious may be alerting you.

The swimming as a symbol of flight

There is also a much simpler possibility: that is, our mind, treat the fact of flying with the same movement as swimming because it has no other reality with which to compare that sensation. That is to say, since we can not fly in real life, in our dreamed life we ​​may recreate that experience based on the aquatic environment that we do dominate. In this case, the only thing our mind is doing is relating experiences by not having real proofs about it.

Dream that you fly and chase you: its meaning

We have already indicated the most common meanings that reveal what it means to dream that you are swimming. However, depending on the type of sleep you are having, it is possible that the message that our mind wants to tell us is somewhat different.

For example, in the case where you dream that you are flying by swimming and, at the same time, they chase you, it may be that the mind is warning us about a different situation. It is likely that there are situations from your past that you have not been able to overcome and that, to this day, follow you "chasing" and "holding back". A very distressing dream since the type of flight with swimming will not allow you to run or go as fast as you need.

In these cases, it is very healthy for you to stop for a moment and make an active and sincere listening to yourself. It is essential to forgive oneself for the mistakes made and for the wounds of the soul to be healed in a profound way. A band-aid is not enough.

Dream of flying and falling: discover what it means

And what happens if you dream that you fly and fall? This is another of the most common dreams that we experience and reflects the fear or fear that we can feel before a change of life. This dream reflects that we feel somewhat vulnerable or that the confidence in ourselves is a little altered, therefore, we feel fear and vertigo before a possibility in our life that can make us "fall" and lose the direction of our "flight".

It is essential that, before making a decision, we always value well what we really want to achieve. We must cultivate our self-esteem and make decisions based on our wills and our real ambitions. We must not let fear or other people make decisions for us because, then, it is when in the dream world of dreams can appear this type of message that does not stop being a warning sign and prevention so you do not lose your way .