What should my baby do at three months of age

When a baby is born he has a whole life ahead of him, full of obstacles that he has to overcome and this is achieved thanks to his development. During the first three months of life the baby already communicates with the people who care for him and little by little he knows his environment. But if you want to know the progress of your baby every month, in .com we explain what your baby should do at three months of age .

Steps to follow:


The baby's muscles have acquired tone and strength, which allows him to keep his head upright when he is on his stomach.


It is at the end of the third month of life that the baby will be able to voluntarily turn his head to look around him.


As the days go by, their coordination improves and it is in this period that you can put everything in your mouth in your mouth. Well, you are coordinating the view, the grip of your hands and the suction.


Little by little, the baby acquires a more defined personality. This personality is constituted through the environment in which it is raised and taking into account some hereditary characteristics of its temperament.

  • You have to be careful not to leave small objects within your reach, because you could catch them and drown if you swallowed them.