How to care for a telescope fish

The fish telescope is a very special fish for its physical appearance. Although there are many variants within the species, the most seen is black, which is why it is also known as the black Moorish fish . His eyes are very bulging, his body round and double-finned. It is a fish with a life expectancy of between 5-10 years. To preserve it, it is necessary to give it a series of care and attention. In .com we tell you how to take care of a telescope fish.

Steps to follow:


The fish telescope is very sensitive to light and with poor vision, despite its protruding eyes. He is very prone to get sick with fungus in the eyes, so he has to be very controlled. It is a fish that due to its lack of vitality will lose vision over time, being able to go blind soon. Therefore, it is convenient to take good care of it.


You have to have a lot of control of the aquarium water, you can not stand the sudden changes in temperature, you could die. Likewise, it is not advisable to subject them to very low temperatures. You have to control a lot this as it could affect your eyesight and in general your weakness.


The telescope fishes are very limited for swimming, so the aquarium filters can not be very violent, since they would drag them and kill them.


Avoid placing any element with edges or that is not flexible in the aquarium, as they may collide with them due to low vision. Much damage can be done if this is not controlled.


The best thing to do is place natural plants in the aquarium that will control the nitrogen inside it, they are also flexible and will not be damaged if they collide with them.


For fish telescope it is essential to eat very small quantities, because of its low stomach capacity. It is recommended, therefore, to feed them very often, many times a day, but very small quantities.

  • Give them all the care they need to make them comfortable.