How to care for a parakeet

The parrot is a bird native to Australia very common as a pet. Their other popular names are budgie or Australian parrot. They are characterized by being easy to domesticate and by having a good relationship with the human being. If you have thought about having a parakeet or you already have it, read this article of .com to know how to take care of a parakeet .

Steps to follow:


The first element to take into account when raising our parrots is your home . If for example we are going to have a couple of copies, we should get a cage whose minimum dimensions will be 70 cm in length, 40 in width and 50 in height. In the cage it is essential that there is a feeder, an automatic drinker and a stone to sharpen the beak. Here you will find more tips on how to choose a bird cage.


Once we choose the place where we are going to place the cage, we must take into account that it must be at a considerable height. For the hygiene of the cage, we will cover the surface with an amount of sand about 2 centimeters thick. We will change this arena after a few days so that our parakeet lives in a healthy environment; Also, you can see what other actions you must take to clean the bird cage.


Parrots are ideal animals as pets because they are affectionate and playful. If you want to enjoy a playful parakeet you must provide them toys that you will exchange from time to time. These toys can be swinging objects, small ladders, twigs and any small object that they can consider fun. We can also make them fly freely around the house and place a hanger made by ourselves with natural branches and where the parakeets will go to rest to rest from their flights.


To exercise the muscles of their legs is convenient to use wooden crossbars of different diameters, to prevent your bird has problems of beak and nails.


As for food, the base is millet and canary seed . This meal will be complemented with fruit cut into pieces and some vegetables, since green foods attract them a lot. You will find more information in our article on how to feed a parakeet.


In the same way, you should also know what are the main diseases of the parakeets and be alert to any symptoms that may indicate that your parakeet is sick.


And in case of carelessness and your parakeet escapes, here are some tips on how to find your parakeet.