How to care for an angel fish

The angelfish with its striking colors is very showy and, therefore, highly demanded in animal stores. It is warm waters so, when it comes to having it in our aquarium, we must adapt everything to develop in the best conditions, also paying close attention to their diet. So that your pet can last many years and in good conditions, in .com we explain all the details of how to take care of an angel fish .

Steps to follow:


The aquarium has to be large. An indicative measure is that it has a capacity of at least 55 liters for each angel fish that we have.


As for the temperature of the water, the angel fish is typical of warm seas, which will have to maintain it at about 24 degrees. If we need to install a heater, we will do it next to a thermometer, to control that the water does not rise too much of degrees, since a very hot water will reduce the life of the pet.


The water filter should not cause strong movements in the water, since the angel is a calm fish, which needs totally calmed waters to be comfortable.


Regarding the maintenance of the angel fish aquarium, it is advisable to make partial water changes every week.


Another important point of care of the angelfish is feeding. We must provide food twice a day. Dry flakes sold in pet stores are adequate and it is preferable to alternate manufacturers.


Three times a week, as a reward, we can give him blood worms. At this point, emphasize that it is better to give them dry because if we provide them alive we run the risk that our angel fish will receive some bacteria.