How to care for a ferret

If you are thinking of buying a new pet you can opt for a ferret, these animals are very playful, fun, friendly and intelligent. Ferrets are really a good company, with these you can share beautiful moments playing and taking care of it. In case you have decided to buy one or more ferrets to be your pets, you must take into account how to care for them and also find a veterinarian who has experience in ferrets so you can control the health of your new pet. If you do not know how to care for a ferret do not worry because in .com we will teach you how to do it, so you can give them the proper attention to this great animal.

Choose the ferret

When choosing a ferret choose the one you like the most, since these are of different colors, but before bringing it to your home make sure that the veterinarian has removed your pet perianal gland, this is very important so that the animal has no smell.

Buy a cage

You must buy a wide cage so that the ferret can live in it comfortably, also these will allow you to be quiet while you are not watching the ferret, since they love to bite cables and other objects. Inside the cage you must place pieces to make your own bed, leave two heavy bowls so that food or water does not spill, also place a tray 5 millimeters high for the ferret to relieve himself.

Have fun with your ferret

For your ferret to have fun, buy toys for ferrets, place wide PVC tubes in the cage and hang scraps of cloth on top of the cage.

Feed your ferret

Your pet should feed on pellets for ferrets, baby cat food or meat, also add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid dairy products, sweets and foods with fishmeal.

Keep your ferret clean

You should bathe your pet every two or three weeks and in winter once a month so you do not get sick. Use feron shampoo or replace it with baby shampoo, always bathe with warm water and cut your nails so you can not scratch.