How to care for a goldfish

The Goldfish is undoubtedly one of the most popular fish species, also one of the longest, because with the right care can live between six and eight years. its multiple colors and physical variety have made it an almost necessary member in fish tanks and aquariums, because it immediately highlights the beauty of its appearance, so if you are thinking of including it among your pets, in .com we give you all the keys you need know about how to choose and care for a Goldfish

Steps to follow:


When choosing a Goldfish it is important to consult with a pet store specialist, as its diversity in size and appearance makes it difficult to identify at times, being so varied that you could have an aquarium only of these fish without looking monotonous


Goldfish is a slow type fish, so it is important to live with other Goldfish or with species of the same rhythm as the rainbow shark, otherwise being with fast fish, as their way of feeding and moving is also accelerated, Goldfish could end up stressed and malnourished


As in the case of any pet, this fish needs food specially designed for him and his nutritional needs. As for the portions doubts always exist, however experts indicate that the amount should be equal to what the fish can eat in two minutes


These fish are very sweet, so it is important to pay attention to the portions and rehearse the quantities, since they will never leave food in the fish tank, but they may be feeding more


The Goldfish is long-lived, living between six and eight years and can reach between 10 and 15 cm, so for each adult fish you need at least 38 liters of water, which means that it deserves your space, so if your plan is to have several you will need a large aquarium. Decorate the tank with gravel, trunks, resistant plants. Make sure that any decoration you choose is not hollow (harmful bacteria can grow inside) and that they do not have sharp edges (fish can tear their fins).


Do not forget that in the case of fish the company is important, so remember to give your Goldfish some companion with whom to entertain. You can also make them some kind of distraction such as a small air pump and the air diffuser may be sufficient. You can also make a current with a "waterfall" filter that helps shake the surface of the water.