How often to bathe my dog

Our pet occupies a very important place in our family, so we want you to be always happy and healthy. And there is no doubt that your hygiene is an important aspect for us, especially when the goal is to reduce the bad smell that hair can generate. However dogs can not bathe every day, nor too often, so it is important to be clear how often to bathe your dog so as not to cause damage to your skin or fur. Atento, because in .com we explain it to you in detail.

Steps to follow:


One of the most important aspects to take into account to ensure the health of our dog is to properly care for your hair, and this includes NOT bathing it frequently . And is that the dog's hair has oils that help maintain the health of your skin, and if you wash it often they could disappear, making your pet run more to suffer from various skin diseases.


In the case of long-haired dogs, which usually have a stronger smell, brushing their fur is essential, as this not only improves blood circulation in the area, ensuring brighter and healthier hair, but also It helps to greatly reduce the bad smell. In our article how to brush the dog's hair we explain the right way to do it.


But how often do I bathe my dog without damaging the health of his hair? Everything will depend on the length of your coat, a fundamental aspect that will determine the frequency. It is also important to take into account the physical activity that the animal performs on a daily basis, that is, whether or not it is sedentary, and the time of year because during the hot months the animal will sweat more.

Thus, the general recommendation is:

  • Long-haired breeds: bathe every 4 weeks.
  • Medium hair breeds: bathe between 4 and 6 weeks.
  • Short hair breeds: bathe between 6 and 8 weeks.


Long-haired dogs such as the Golder Retriever, the Afghan Hound, the Border Collie or the Maltese Bichon, should bathe more frequently than medium or short hair breeds, especially if the animal performs exercise and walks every day.


The recommendation is to respect the bathing times of each of the breeds, only then we will ensure that your coat is healthy. However, there are situations in which it is advisable to bathe the dog earlier than planned, for example:

  • If the animal's coat is stained significantly by elements such as mud.
  • If the animal is filled with some type of grease, oil, bitumen, etc.
  • Its about the hair of the animal drops any toxic substance that can affect its health.
  • If the temperature increases drastically and the dog is hot.


If despite brushing your dog frequently and respect bathing times, the animal's fur smells very bad, the recommendation is to consult a veterinarian. Some diseases and conditions of the skin can cause bad odor, for that reason the best thing is that a specialist reviews your dog.

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