How to care for a sphinx cat

The sphinx cat, sphynx or naked cat, belongs to that species of hairless pets, much appreciated by allergic animal lovers. This breed is also known as an Egyptian cat because of its stylized appearance, which reminds many of the representation of the Egyptian goddess Bastet, symbolized in her catlike appearance.

Despite its appearance, the sphinx cat is a strong and muscular animal, of good health and high strength, but its characteristics force us to know how to care for a sphinx cat . In .com we clarify it to you.

A hairless cat

Although this is one of the most appreciated features of the sphinx cat that has earned him the nickname of a naked cat, the truth is that the absence of hair is usually not total. Some have a tuft of hair as a fringe and also at the tip of the tail.

The body of the sphynx is usually covered by a light fine fluff, although to the touch what we notice is its own skin, with a texture similar to that of the suede. Eye: this information is for allergy sufferers, since many of them are made with one of these pets because it is considered to be hypoallergenic.

However, for some specialists, the allergy to cats is produced not by the hair but by the animal's saliva. In fact, there is an Asian species whose composition of saliva is completely different from the rest of known pussycat. This breed is covered with long hair and, however, does not produce allergy.

Anyway, going back to the animal, the fact that it is a naked cat makes it a very vulnerable to the cold, so it is convenient that we take this fact into account when arranging your bed, your blanket and your clothes. coat and even a thermal disk, which will make the winters more bearable.

However, in summer we have to be aware of the incidence of sunlight because it can cause the same reaction in the animal as in the skin of humans, including freckles, spots, darkening and burns. So it's good that we protect our sphinx cat from the direct rays of the strong sun.

Sphynx cat character

The strange appearance of the sphinx cat has earned him loves and disaffection, almost to the same extent. It would be good to know that it was a feline of this breed that inspired Steven Spielberg to shape his tender ET and is that, although it seems incredible, they are really loving cats and they love to follow their owners all over the house.

They also get along great with other pets and with children. Anyway, you do not have to go through and, from time to time, the Egyptian cat will need its own space. Even so, he will soon return to the family and claim his attentions and caresses, with that character in which aggressiveness has no place and, respecting his needs, is not usually a stressed cat.

How to feed the sphinx cat

This little guy is a compulsive eater, he loves to gobble up and that is why it is very important that we take into account that his diet is balanced to avoid weight problems. Cutting the food into larger pieces will force our pet to chew and prevent him from devouring his food ration quickly.

It is true, on the other hand, that having no hair, the animal needs greater caloric intake . Again the choice of an adequate diet and, if necessary and under veterinary prescription, a contribution of vitamins and minerals, will keep our cat in an optimal state of health.

It is clear that their diet will contain more proteins and fats than other breeds of cats, including poultry, high-fat meats, eggs, fish oils, and so on.

The hygiene of the Egyptian cat

Precisely such intake of foods rich in fat and calories will be responsible for their skin has a greasy tendency and that, for the Egyptian cat has a proper hygiene, requires us to give a weekly bath in summer and a couple of baths a month in winter. This will keep your skin clean and you will not have trouble perspiring.

Another issue to keep in mind in our pet's hygienic habits is their ears. Those long ears often produce a lot of earwax that we remove with sanitary towels quite regularly.

A good scraper and a suitable cut, which the veterinarian can practice if you are more comfortable, will keep your nails in a magnificent state.