How to care for a mandarin diamond

Mandarin diamond is a type of exotic bird, quite small and that in recent times is becoming a common companion animal . It is characterized by its intense red beak that contrasts with its gray plumage with spots of other colors. Being a bird from other countries, the care that these birds need to live comfortably and without problems is not always known. If you also have one at home as a pet, in .com we tell you how to care for a mandarin diamond.

Steps to follow:


The first thing we have to take into account is that mandarin diamonds are gregarious birds and, at a minimum, they need a mate of their species to feel happy. In this way, when purchasing our pet, it will not be enough with one copy but at least a couple of them.


In terms of food, the mixture is the basis of their food and, most common, is to give them a mixture of parakeets . Some experts recommend adding more birdseed to this type of mixture, in order to complete the diet of mandarin diamonds and get them to eat more and better.


The first days that we have these birds at home, mandarin diamonds will need a lot of peace to recognize their new habitat. To become accustomed to people and to come to trust them, it is necessary to speak softly, whistle a little and approach them with slow movements.


We must also provide a suitable cage so that our pets can flutter and live comfortably. Especially when there are more than 2 specimens, we will have to choose a cage large enough for all Mandarin diamonds. You can see here some tips on how to choose the right cage.


Also, these little birds love to splash in the water . In this way, we should place a container where they can bathe and change the water every day, because -although they have another drinker- they will also drink from there.


In the same way, it will also be necessary to carry out a correct and frequent cleaning of the cage of our small pets. We show you here how to clean the bird cage.

  • Take care of your pet so that it lives as healthy as possible.