What are the types of summer camps for children

Summer camps are a good option for children to have fun during their holidays and, at the same time, parents do not have to be constantly worried about finding a person to take care of them. In the same way, they are a really good way for the little ones in the house to gain autonomy and start learning to fend for themselves . But one of the most important things is that the children feel comfortable with the camp they will go to. Because of that fact, there are different types of camps according to the theme and for you to know them, in .com we tell you what are the types of summer camps for children .

Leisure and nature

These are the camps with a more generic theme, which are usually located in an environment surrounded by nature and children / as develop different recreational activities : crafts, mountain trips, games, etc. But, unlike the rest of camp typologies, they are not focused on a specific topic. In most cities and regions you can find offer summer camps of this type.

Of languages

Another of the most common types of camps and that concentrate many children during the summer are the languages. In these stays, the children can improve their command of a foreign language without leaving the country, thanks to the specialized monitors prepared for this task. Usually the English camps abound, but you can also find German, French camps, or look for the language that interests you. For older children, there is also the option of spending a few weeks abroad to improve the language.


They can be specialized in a single sport or perform various sports activities. In many cases, they are organized by sports clubs and thus benefit the staff and facilities of the entity. The most common are soccer camps, which delight a large number of children (and also girls!) And can thus improve their technique and tactics of this sport. There are also basketball, volleyball, surf ... or as we said, those who do not focus on a single sport but children practice different sports.


Children who are fans and lovers of music also have a series of summer camps where they can develop their musical skills . In addition to many other activities, you can enjoy music together with other children and specialized monitors. Those who already study an instrument, should take it to the camp (except those who study piano or drums, of course!), But there is also the possibility of wanting to start in music through a summer camp.


For those children who are not afraid of anything and want to spend a few days with large doses of adrenaline, there are adventure camps, where they can practice activities such as: climbing, abseiling, hiking, horseback riding, orientation activities, etc. This type of summer camp is recommended for children of a certain age, since the smallest can be very limited when doing this type of activity.

Other types

If none of these types of camps is adapted to the interests and needs of your children, you can opt for day camps, in which children return home each day to sleep or try to find another type that motivates them. You can consult web directories like All Camps or Summer Camps .