How to take care of the fish correctly

The fish are suitable to have as a pet if we live in a flat or a house with limited space, since they do not occupy, they are clean, they do not run around the house in danger of breaking something ... They are also a good option as a pet for children, because they can take responsibility, in large part, for their care and attention. One of the most common classes are the goldfish, the typical orange and white fish, if you opt for that species you can see here how to choose and care for a goldfish. But whatever type of fish you choose to have in your home, you should keep in mind the care your fish need, especially in terms of food, water and light. So do not miss this .com article on how to care for fish correctly .

Steps to follow:


You must know the nutritional needs of the species of fish that you have as a pet.


In most cases, it is recommended to complete the feeding of our fish with other sources of food, for example at particular times such as reproduction


Clean water is another of the most important points when it comes to taking care of our fish in the most appropriate way.


These animals breathe oxygen from water, therefore, it is essential that they have all the oxygen they need. For this, you can install an air pump that will ensure that the water is properly oxygenated.


It is not recommended to use water caught directly from the tap, since it contains chlorine, very harmful to our fish. You can go to your pet store and ask for products that eliminate chlorine.


You should also make sure that the water you put in the aquarium or fish tank is at the same temperature as the one that already exists.


In the same way, fish need a well- lit environment, but direct sunlight is not the best way to provide it, since -among other reasons- it can cause the proliferation of algae.


The most appropriate is to use electric lighting so that our fish have the light they need and, in addition, the aquarium will have a more careful and beautiful appearance.

  • Keep your fish well cleaned and cared for.