How to care for a cat's teeth

Our cats are born without teeth. Little by little, they acquire their teeth and approximately seven months later they have adult teeth. These feline teeth also need care, because the truth is that it is the best way to avoid diseases such as Gengivitis . If you do not know how to take care of a cat's teeth, we'll show you some tricks.

Steps to follow:


First we must identify the signs that will indicate that our cat may have some kind of disease in the teeth or gums . Bad breath, red or bleeding gums or difficulty eating may be clear signs that something is happening in the mouth of our furry friends. For this reason, it is essential to act before these symptoms arrive.


There are special toothbrushes for pets. It's not that they love us to use them with them, but it's a pretty good way to prevent the remains of food from remaining on their little teeth. Normally, wild animals do this function by tearing their prey. Thus, these brushes will help us to perform this function together with special toothpastes for cats. These toothpastes usually have flavors of meat or malt, so they can swallow it.


Regular veterinary checks will also be necessary. At a minimum, we must perform one every 6 months or at least once a year.


Taking care of our cat's diet will also help our teeth to be healthier. There are special feed that will manage to regulate, both your breath, and the total hygiene of the mouth.


In addition, there are food supplements as awards. Small cookies that are made exclusively to help our cat in its oral hygiene, and that will also have delicious flavors for them.


Finally, it is good to know that it does not matter if we have never looked after our cat's teeth. It is always a good time to start doing it. Obviously, if signs of Gengivitis or other oral disease appear, it will be more complex and surely we will need medication. But we are always in time to make our cat's life easier.