What are the keys to teaching English to a child

When we are teaching a child in English it is essential to start early, in fact the sooner the better, the little ones develop the language from birth to 4 years of age, which indicates that it is the best time for the child to become bilingual.

Although the brain at this age is predisposed to learning English, it does not mean that it is an easy task. That's why in .com we explain what are the keys to teaching English to a child .

Steps to follow:


The moment : the period in which we begin to work in English with the child will be crucial, making it easier as soon as possible to begin and to become more complicated after 3 years of age.


Plan : before starting to work in English with the child, we must mark a logical strategy that we can fulfill. Keep in mind that young children need routines, which will help them develop bilingualism. We must study what tools we have when teaching English.


Gesturing : The learning of babies and children is through the relationship, when they do not understand a language what they do is take the context out of the gestures we make, in order to understand what we want to transmit to them. Therefore, it is very important that we always try to make as many gestures as we can. Let's say we should try to translate what we are saying through mime. This will cause the development of English to accelerate considerably.


Another key point of learning in children is repetition . Although children are like sponges and learn a large number of words a day, we must repeat the different themes so that they are recorded.


Make it fun . The basis of learning is the game, which should be the key when teaching English to children. If the child is bored, will stop paying attention to what will not help us and we will be wasting time. We must motivate you, and take your opinion into account when choosing different activities.