How to care for the cat's nails

The nails of the cat are the best allies of our pet, since they allow you to protect yourself against possible attacks, climb, clean and even tone your muscles, because they use them to hold on when they stretch.

However, the feline's nails are also often a great source of problems for their masters, as it is very common to scratch chairs and furniture in the home. To try to find a balance, in .com we explain how to take care of the cat's nails .


We must be clear that the nails of the cat are not like those of the human being, since the felines allow them to perform many functions that in man do not take place. In some countries it is very common to practice oniquectomy or debulking to prevent a cat from scratching. But what this operation really is is an amputation, so we must avoid it .

The effects of this intervention, especially if it is practiced in adult cats, can become muscular problems or even lameness, since the animal will stop having one of its props when it comes to toning its muscles and walking.

Cut them

An alternative to take care of the nails of the cat is to cut them, although this should be done only in the case of animals that are used to it from small. Otherwise, the effects would be similar to those of deboning.

Cutting the cat's nails is a somewhat complicated operation and we must be careful not to sever a vein that runs through this area. In addition, the animal must be calm and relaxed to prevent a sudden movement ends in an accident.


In any case, a cat should always have a scraper to keep its nails in good condition, whether we cut them or not. If we accustom our pet to take care of their nails with this device, we will avoid using the furniture of our house for it.

There are scrapers of all sizes, from simple elongated structures that barely take up space, to more complex ones that include small games for our cat .

It is possible that, in spite of having a scraper, the animal also goes to armchairs or furniture to sharpen its nails . So, we have to use our skills as trainers to get the animal to use the scraper only.

Plastic nails

Another method to keep our cat's nails at bay is to use plastic nails . These are placed on their natural nails and are designed in such a way that the animal will soon become accustomed to carrying out their daily activities with them on.

These nails have to be changed. We will know when we will have to do it because, once the cat's nails grow, the plastic ones will fall. They are a very suitable alternative when at home there are babies or elderly people that the scratch of the animal could cause serious damage.


A good hydration and a varied diet are very important factors when caring for the cat's nails . Sporadically, we can supply our pet with a calcium supplement, although it is preferable that we consult the veterinarian first.