How to take care of my dog's legs

The dogs' legs help protect their bones and joints from the impact caused by movement, but it is also thanks to their legs and pads that they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and navigate uneven terrain, so they need special attention to get to protect the tissues in this area effectively.

Due to all the effort they have to endure, in many cases it is common for our partner's legs to present problems, however it is essential to keep them in perfect condition to guarantee their health. Do you want to know how to take care of your dog's legs ? Keep reading because in .com we explain it in detail.

Inspection regularly

Something basic to take care of the legs of your dog is to make a regular inspection of them in order to control their health, so it is important to establish it as a habit. Do it once or twice a week and make sure they are well, free of injury or injury especially the sensitive area of ​​the pads, which due to heat and the inappropriate terrain usually dry and crack.

During these inspections, take the opportunity to clean the pads of their legs, removing dirt, dirt and any residue that may have remained between them, especially dangerous objects such as glass, stones, etc. Developing this habit will make the animal get used to handling this area and, therefore, cutting its nails will be much easier.

Short hair

The hairs located on the legs of your dog should always be short, especially if your dog has hairs between the pads . Trimming them will help the animal not slide when it runs on those smoother surfaces, such as parquet or soft floors, ensuring greater stability and better mobility.

This operation can be delicate, so if you do not see yourself capable, it's best to do it in a dog grooming shop when you cut your pet's hair or nails.

Short nails

It is one of the activities that most fear awakens among dog owners, however it is completely necessary. Keeping the nails of the animal properly short is important for their care, that is why it is a task that you should not skip.

If when your pet walks you hear your nails rub against the ground, it is time to take action and reduce its size. If you want to perform this operation at home, in our article how to cut a dog's nails we explain how to do it correctly, otherwise take your pet to a canine hairdresser to take care of the matter.

Hydrated and maintained pads

The pads of the legs of your dog allow you to walk through different types of terrain without the need to use protection, however, they warrant great care to avoid cracking, wounds, sores and other types of injuries. One of the most important measures is to clean and hydrate properly using a special cream for dogs, never a product for human use because our pH is not equal to that of pets. This type of lotions, thick and similar to Vaseline, help to provide hydration and softness to this area. They can be purchased at pet stores.

In addition to hydrating them, it is important to consider other measures to care for the pads:

  • Do not walk your dog only on asphalt, especially during the hottest days, as high temperatures can cause burns in this area. It is best to alternate the asphalt with soft areas such as grass.
  • Long walks in the mountains or on uneven terrain and with stones cause damage to the dog's pads, so it is important to alternate them with other types of terrains and offer the animal the amount of physical activity to which it is accustomed. The pads of the animal are tanned with time and habit, so a sedentary dog ​​or puppy can not take a 3-hour walk through the mountain from one day to the next, as their legs will suffer. It should begin little by little by soft terrains and go increasing the distance in more irregular spaces, always of gradual form.
  • Do not force your animal to walk on dry sand in summer or during hot weather. Always do it by the shore on damp ground or your pads could get burned.
  • If during a revision to the legs of your dog you notice that they have burns or blisters, it is important to clean the area with fresh water and consult the veterinarian about the best treatment, it may be necessary to use a cream or product so that the The animal's injury will heal.

Beware of cuts

Even when you make an effort to take care of the dog's legs, it is possible that the animal will suffer small cuts in its pads as a result of walks or daily games. If you detect that this has happened remove any visible object that may be causing harm to the dog, clean the area well with soap and water and sell it with a sterile gauze, cleaning the area in the same way three times a day.

For deeper injuries in which the animal bleeds a lot, limps or complains, it is best to go to the veterinarian .