What is the difference between revealing and rebelling

Although writing perfectly and without spelling errors is an important goal for many, doing it properly is not always easy, especially when faced with homophones, those that sound the same but are written differently and have different meanings. A good example of this type of words is revealing and rebelling, two terms that often confuse us. That's why in .com we explain to you what is the difference between revealing and rebelling .

Steps to follow:


To understand what the difference between revealing and rebelling is, it will be important to know the meaning of both verbs.

To reveal

This term has two meanings:

  • Discover, manifest or make known something that until now had been ignored. For example: "She will reveal to us the secret of her good figure"
  • It is also the procedure by which we make visible an image that is on a photographic plate. For example: "Tomorrow I will reveal the photos of our vacation"



On the other hand, rebellion is linked to rebellion, it means revolting before an authority or institution, breaking with obedience. It can also mean resisting something. For example: "You must not rebel against the authority of your parents"

"If you are going to rebel, do it with intelligence to be heard"


As you can see, between revealing and rebelling there are important differences of meaning, so remember what each term means and avoid confusion when writing these homophones.