How to care for the wrinkles of a Shar Pei

Although the breed is originally from China, Shar Pei dogs are known all over the world for their loyal character, for their blue colored tongue and, above all, for their characteristic wrinkles. Contrary to popular belief, these wrinkles do not need a lot of care, although they do have to take into account some basic rules. In .com we explain how to care for the wrinkles of a Shar Pei dog .

Hygiene of Shar Pei

Many things have been said about the hygiene of the Shar Pei, since you have to clean it every day and smear your wrinkles with oil until you never have to wash it or just once a year. As with most dogs, if you wash your Shar Pei too often, you damage the natural protective barrier of your skin and problems may appear.

On the other hand, if you never clean it or do it only once a year, chances are that problems arise from lack of hygiene, as well as bad smells.

For all this, the ideal is to wash it twice a month at the most (as a general rule it is recommended once a month ), with a special shampoo for dogs .

Another option, if you can not do it as often, is to clean it with baby wipes, as with the shampoos there are also specific for dogs.


A quality diet is beneficial for all breeds of dogs, but in the case of Shar Pei it is quite important.

Although not all specimens of this breed have allergy problems, far from it, feeding your Shar Pei with a hypoallergenic feed may be advisable.

Also, feed rich in omega 3 fatty acids, like most of those with salmon as the main ingredient, are very beneficial for your skin.

You can find these types of feed in veterinary centers and specialized stores.

Demodectic mange

It is a type of disease caused by a mite called Démodex, which can affect all breeds of dogs, so it is not exclusive to Shar Pei, and usually appears in animals with low defenses (young animals, sick, bitches who are producing milk for the puppies, etc.).

This article explains how to detect it. The final diagnosis will be made by a veterinarian, the most used method is the microscopic study of a scraping of the animal's skin, which will prescribe the treatment.

Although in the mild cases certain types of pipettes with insecticide can slow the process once established, in most cases it is necessary to resort to baths with an insecticide called almitraz.

Although, as we have said, pipettes are not usually very helpful in the treatment of the disease, they are useful to prevent it. But not all pipettes are effective against Démodex, only those that contain an insecticide called Moxidectin, so we recommend that you consult with the veterinarian at this point.

We insist on the fact that the defenses of the animal play a decisive role in the control of this scabies, so, in addition to the above, they must be kept in good condition, giving a nutritious and, where appropriate, stimulants of the system Immune that your veterinarian will prescribe.