What is the difference between goods and you come

To write correctly it is necessary to pay attention to a series of norms and orthographic rules. Even so, we often have doubts about the correct way to write a word, especially when we come across so-called homophones, that is, words that are pronounced the same but are written differently and have different meanings. An example of this is the case of 'goods' and 'you come', pay attention to this article and discover what is the difference between 'goods' and 'you come' .


First, 'goods' written with 'B' is, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is the plural form of the noun ' good ' and that is usually used under the following meaning:

  • "Heritage, hacienda, caudal". "Those things capable of satisfying human needs and providing those who consume them with a use or utility value". Example: The assets of the family will be distributed among the four children.

Therefore, when we want to make reference to this meaning we will have to write 'goods' with 'B' .


However, 'you come' written with 'V' is a conjugated form of the verb 'come' . It is the conjugate form in the second person of the singular of the indicative present ('You come'). According to the RAE, the verb 'come' has the following meanings:

  • "Said of a person: walking." Example: You come walking.

In this way, we now know what is the difference between 'goods' and 'you come' . So we will write 'come' with 'V' to refer to the previous meaning.