How to care for the shell of a water turtle

The shell of a water turtle is a part of the body that reflects the general health status of the animal, so its care is related to the global attention we give to the pet and the essential care of a water turtle. In any case, the bath is the action that will most directly affect the appearance of the turtle's shell and, in addition, it is an activity that is very pleasant for our pet. In .com we explain how to care for the shell of a water turtle.

Steps to follow:


Natural light is an element that water turtles need almost as much as food and, also, to have a carapace with good appearance. In the event that it is not possible for the pet to enjoy natural light, we can resort to buying a lamp that mimics it. It will be a good investment to help us take care of the shell of our water turtle .


Another factor that will contribute to our goal is good nutrition. Water turtles are omnivorous, that is, they eat everything. We must provide our pet with various foods such as worms or different vegetables, which we can combine with special preparations that we will find in our store of trust.


Of course, the bathroom is key to caring for the shell of a water turtle . We can use a container somewhat larger than our pet and fill it to a height of a foot with warm water.


It is very important that we take into account that water turtles do not need any soap to bathe, it is more, it can be counterproductive to use it.


Once the water has been prepared, we must leave our turtle water for a quarter of an hour to soak. She will play with the water herself and wet her whole body.


Before removing the turtle from the water, with the help of a small brush, we scrape the shell to remove any dirt .


In addition to the care and cleaning of your shell, it will be essential that you know how to care for a water turtle and what are the basic needs of this animal that you must cover to grow healthy.