What is the density of pure gold

To know the value of any gold object, it is necessary to know what the density of pure gold is . It is a reference that can help especially when it comes to pricing objects of this material or buying gold. From here we tell you what is the density of pure gold and how to measure your gold objects.

Steps to follow:


The exact figure that has to serve as a reference is 19.32 grams per cubic centimeter . This means that for each centimeter of gold, a weight of 19.32 grams is granted.


If we weigh a cubic centimeter of gold and do not have the indicated weight, it will not be pure gold. This is the standard measure that makes known and allows to differentiate pure gold from that which is not.


The gold that appears in jewelry is not completely pure. In general, it is mixed to be treated and carved, due to its extreme fragility.


Pure gold is called 24 carats . You only have in bullion, a way to save and have money and investments.


To measure the weight of your piece of gold, use a transparent millimeter container. Point out the extent to which the water arrives. Enter the piece of gold. Subtract the new measurement with the stone inside the previous one. This difference is the weight of the piece.

  • Go to a professional, he will help you and guide you.