How to care for a beagle dog

The beagle is one of the most adorable breeds of dogs, with a past of hunters that makes them great companion animals, active and always ready to play. If this pet has arrived at your family or you are thinking of purchasing this pet, it is very important to be clear about all the care and attention you must give to grow healthy and happy. That's why in .com we give you some key tips so you know how to take care of a beagle dog.

Steps to follow:


The beagle is a very sociable animal but at the same time retains a spirit of independence, which makes it a balanced mascot who likes to share with the family but can also have fun in solitude for a few hours. This is a great feature of this breed, which can be adapted to a home in which its owners are away for a few hours working.

Of course, once you arrive it is important to give all the attention and affection you need to be happy and healthy.


Because of their past as hunters, they enjoy playing games of persecution, searching for objects or sniffing. They will always be a great company to explore new territories, so for these animals the walks and exercise is something very important that you should not leave aside if you want to guarantee their welfare.

It is also important that you buy some toys for basic dogs that allow you to play with your animal during walks and moments spent outdoors.


Its short and glossy hair does not require too much care compared to other long-haired animals, however it is recommended to brush it once a week to help maintain its good appearance, in our article how to brush my dog's hair we explain the the way to do.

Being a short-haired animal the bathroom can be every two months, there you should check your nails, teeth and general condition. It is not recommended to bathe more frequently unless your coat is very dirty or stained with some fatty substance or toxic to the dog.


The ears of these animals require a much more special care because they are prone to infections, which makes the beagle suffer a lot. Once a week you should check and clean them carefully and with great patience, if you do not know how to do it, we recommend you check our video how to take care of the ears of the dog where you can see step by step everything you need to do to be perfect and free of dirt .


The eyes also require attention, because their lashes are very long which usually bothers the dog causing some problems. Once a week you should clean this area and even cut your eyelashes occasionally. If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of ​​manipulating a pair of scissors so close to your pet's eyes, then when you go to the vet or bathe the dog, tell them so they can do this work for you.


As in the case of any pet, the feeding should be according to the stage in which it is found and especially for dogs, so homemade preparations are not recommended, but commercial food is recommended . If you are not sure how much your beagle should eat according to his age, then we recommend consulting our article how much my dog ​​should eat so you can discover the portions according to their size and age.


This animal is very active and they like games, run and simulate hunting, so it is important to dedicate time every day to burn their energies. He is also a great companion for children, being patient, tolerant and fun. At least one hour of daily exercise is recommended to get this animal to properly drain its high energy.


Like any other breed of dog, the best way to keep your beagle healthy is by feeding it correctly, allowing it to exercise and taking it to the veterinarian twice a year to check that it is doing well.

If it is also your first dog and you do not have very clear the subject of vaccination, it is important to remember that the animal must be protected against certain very dangerous diseases, so we recommend you consult our article which are the vaccines that I must put my dog so you can discover those that should not be missing if you want to guarantee your health.

  • Beyond your ears and eyes, this pet does not require very special care but you love, care and good treatment
  • Do not forget to take your beagle to the vet at least twice a year