My dog ​​does not like to be blown - discover the reasons!

Those of us who live with dogs sometimes like to do things that people usually do to each other, whether they are signs of affection or jokes for us. But we must think that they do not understand all the things we do and there are those that displease them. One thing we have all done at some time is to blow our dog in the face, but how did he react? Surely you would see that he turns his face and tries to leave among other things, because they do not usually like this kind of thing. Since we want to explain the reasons that clear your doubts if you have ever thought " my dog ​​does not like to be blown " and you have asked the reason. Keep reading this article and discover the reasons and more details.

Signs that indicate that a dog does not like to be blown

Although it may seem obvious to us, there are many signs that tell us that our pet dislikes what we are doing at this moment or what he intuits we are trying to do. But, really, to many people these signs go completely unnoticed and they are not aware that the corporal language of their dog tells them to stop. Therefore, it is important to look at these signs that our furry does not like to be blown :

  • He licks his nose
  • Look Away
  • Close your eyes
  • Turn the face
  • Throw your ears back
  • Lift the front legs
  • Try to leave
  • Try to bite the air that comes
  • Emit soft grunts

Why my dog ​​does not like to be blown

It is normal that we do not understand why our pet does not like anything that blow, but instead, he loves to stick his head out the window of the car when we go on the road. But the clearest difference is that at one moment they decide it and at another they do not. Therefore, if your hairy looks for fresh air, ventilate it he will look for it or he may just be curious about some things and decide to try them, for example, sticking his head out the window of the car. On the other hand, if we force them to receive air, in addition to the face or ears, which is a sensitive part, it is normal that it bothers you a lot.

If we want to finally see clearly that this gesture really does not like the dogs and that they have their motives more than understandable, we must stop to think about whether we like them to do it or also that we do not do it to anyone because, in reality, we know that it is annoying. In addition, we can look at the natural reaction of babies who are also sometimes made and, in fact, irritated.

In addition, it is understandable that you do not like this gesture because it can cause things that are not good for your health . For example, when we do this to a dog, all these things happen to him, which are not pleasant:

  • His breath cramps
  • His nose dries
  • his eyes are dry
  • Your ears are upset
  • It perceives a very loud noise
  • It hinders the use of smell
  • It clouds your senses for a moment

Therefore, seeing all this we know that it is bad to blow dogs in the face and it is normal that our pet does not enjoy this gesture. Forget blowing the muzzle to the dog, its face or even its ears, remember that the sense of smell is its most developed sense and that they have a hearing sensitivity much greater than ours. For this reason, this gesture can bother them more than when someone does it to us.

Respect is important

As we would say if we spoke of partners, friends, family or couple, in the relationship with our furry there must be a mutual respect . Just as we like to impose that we have the singing voice in our coexistence with our pet, avoiding getting on the couch or deciding when we want to eat or do something, that is to say that we respect our decisions and gestures, we must respect both their decisions in if you want to do something or not as if it is a type of food you do not like, basic things.

Therefore, if you maintain a relationship in which you respect both you will enjoy much more of your coexistence . Now that you know how to recognize if your faithful partner likes it or not blow it in the face or elsewhere, obviously, you should stop doing things that may annoy you simply because you feel like it or you find it fun, respect your space. So, just as you correct unwanted behaviors in your partner, you have to rectify yours.

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