10 things that dogs can predict will surprise you!

Dogs are incredible animals, their keen sense of smell and their extreme sensitivity to changes in the environment allow them to predict certain things before they happen, often warning their owners that something is wrong. And we are not only talking about natural phenomena, these animals have incredible abilities to recognize very subtle changes, such as those that occur in the body of the woman during the first weeks of pregnancy.

In we invite you to discover the 10 things that dogs can predict before they happen or that even you suspect them you will be surprised!

Earthquakes and earthquakes

Not only dogs, but other animals such as cats, horses, cows, sheep, etc., are able to predict when a seismic movement is about to occur even if they are more than 1, 000 km from the epicenter. In the case of dogs, these animals become nervous, restless, bark and walk from one side to another without apparent cause and they are visibly disturbed.

Even today it is not known if a dog is capable of predicting earthquakes and tremors thanks to his sensitive sense of hearing or because he can feel the vibrations of the ground, but the fact is that they know it much before us.

The storms

Dogs have 220 million olfactory cells versus only 50 million that humans have, this allows them to smell things that we could never. For this reason dogs can smell the changes that occur in the environment when a storm is about to arrive, they are able to perceive the sound of distant lightning when we do not hear anything and they are also sensitive to changes in humidity in the atmosphere that indicate that a storm is approaching.

They know beforehand what is coming and they tend to get nervous, because if there is something that alters a dog, it is loud sounds like those of thunder.

The fear

It's not a myth, they really smell our fear, that's why this emotion is one of the amazing things that dogs can predict. The reason is simpler than you imagine, what happens is that fear increases our adrenaline levels and these animals, with their sensitive sense of smell, are able to predict this change in the organism as well as the rest of the pheromones that segregate when we are nervous or stressed

Controlling adrenaline is especially important if you suffer from fear of dogs, because these changes in your body can generate curiosity in the animal and make it approach you, something that will surely make you even more nervous!

That you are pregnant

As you read! If we take into account the impressive olfactory abilities of dogs, it is not surprising that the animal is able to detect the hormonal changes that the woman's body undergoes during the first weeks of pregnancy and throughout the entire gestation period.

In addition to sniffing what happens with hormones, the dog is a great observer able to detect any change in behavior or mood on our part, so you will know that something is happening in your body even before you notice it. You will see how your intimate area smells more, is more aware of you and becomes your guardian to sun and shade, although in less common cases you can also react in an opposite way and assume a nervous attitude, hide and stay distant.

That you will soon give birth

Women do not have a better protector during the whole pregnancy than their pet, but also the animal also notices when the delivery is near and then it will become even more guardian than before. It may not take off from the future mother, who follows her everywhere, who touches her belly and who is always alert, if this is the case, you have to prepare yourself because the delivery is near and your pet knows it!

They recognize cancer even in its initial phase

This is perhaps one of the 10 things that dogs can predict that are more surprising. It turns out that the formation of a tumor leads to the generation of different chemical particles called volatile organic compounds, particles that can be sniffed by the dog with an astonishing precision, arriving to detect the appearance of cancer even in the initial phase.

Studies on this topic began in 1989 when a couple of doctors attended a patient who came to the clinic commenting that her dog kept licking a mole on her body, this made her suspicious and the analysis revealed that the The lunar phase was a stage I malignant melanoma. This began a series of investigations with solid results showing that dogs can smell cancer through breath, urine, blood and even the feces of affected patients. In the article, can dogs smell cancer? we explain more about this interesting topic.


Did you know that there are dogs trained to sniff out diabetes ? As surprising as it sounds, and is that our breath contains a lot of information that can indicate to the animals that our blood sugar level is too high or that, on the contrary, it is too low and you have to take letters in the case. Many dogs of this type live with diabetic owners to alert them that their sugar levels are very low and remind them to take their treatment.

Your mood

If you are sad your dog approaches you and gives you his love to show your affection, if you are happy your dog knows and is encouraged with you, when you are nervous your animal detects it and is able to smell your tension and stress. They are great observers and can detect how we feel just by looking at our gestures and behaviors, and the truth is that there is no better support when you feel bad than your pet.

That you are about to arrive home

Again, your sense of smell is responsible! With a powerful olfactory capacity dogs are able to smell us miles away, so they know exactly that you approach and are anxious and happy waiting for your arrival. There is no better reception than a dog wagging its tail and full of emotion.

That you are going to go and leave him alone

We have already explained it before, your dog is a great observer and is able to memorize all the details of your routine, so you can know with just a few movements when you are about to leave home, when you are going to take a walk or when you You are traveling. Nothing is taken by surprise by the furry ones!

Incredible these 10 things that dogs can predict, but there are many other things that our pet does and that are surprising, that's why we invite you to read interesting articles that clarify doubts like why dogs smell the crotch or why my dog Ride, find out!