How to care for a shih tzu

Among small dogs, shih tzu is one of the most popular breeds. These furry, affectionate and protective dogs are the ideal company of young and old, however it is important not only to know their needs and care but also to learn to domesticate their character, which can become unsocial and territorial if not properly channeled. If this pet has arrived at your house and you want to learn all about the care of the race, then read on because in .com we explain how to take care of a shih tzu so that he lives healthy and happy.

Steps to follow:


In addition to offering a quality food appropriate to your age, to give you fresh water daily and provide a comfortable home space for you to sleep and rest, it is important that you focus on the proper care of this breed .

The shih tzu are a long-lived race that can reach 15 years of age or more, provided they receive the proper care and attention. This dog, originally from Tibet, has a loving character with its owners, loves to be in the company of the family and is very willing to play games and fun, so it usually gets along well with children. However, if he is not trained in the right way, he can be suspicious of strangers, too protective and a little distrustful, which becomes a problem when we bring people home.

To avoid it, it is best to socialize from puppy, so it is recommended to walk the dog, allow him to play with other animals and get used to the presence of strangers, this will help to turn it into an animal with a more given and friendly character .


Although it is a small breed, you should know that shih tzu loves walks, going out, running and playing outdoors, so it is highly recommended that you take it out of the house as soon as you have your complete basic vaccinations. This will also help, as we explained in the previous step, to socialize with people and animals.

Give your animal the opportunity to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, apart from that it is convenient that you take it out 3 times a day to do its basic needs. Keep in mind that due to the shape of their snout this breed can suffer respiratory problems, so they should never leave during the hottest hours of the day and should stay adequately hydrated during their walks.


Although the shih tzu has very short hair during the first weeks of life, from the seventh it will begin to grow. Despite its great mane this animal does not loose hair, which becomes a great news for cleaning the home, however it requires important care.

To begin it is important that, from puppy, you accustom your animal to brushing, which you must do at least every two days to avoid the formation of knots and to guarantee that it does not have parasites. In our article how to brush the hair of the dog we explain the keys to do it, it is important that if in the process you find knots avoid cutting them, it is best to open them with your fingers and try to undo them.

It is also necessary that you cut your hair with some frequency, because because it does not release the hair it will be much easier to notice when it is too long or abundant. It is recommended to hold your bangs to favor your vision in case you do not want to cut the fur of that area.


Another aspect that deserves attention when it comes to caring for a shih tzu are his eyes. This area is delicate and can be prone to the accumulation of debris and dirt, so it is advisable to clean your eyes every day with a damp cloth every day . You can use this same cloth to remove any residue of food or dirt that may have remained on your face.

Your nails also require attention, cutting them approximately every month, because if they grow too much they could cause harm to the animal in your delicate eyes while handling them.


A frequent question asked by the owners of this breed is how often to bathe the dog. The answer will depend on several factors:

  • The hair length of the animal
  • If you brush it or not
  • If the dog goes out or if he is always at home.

A short-haired dog that never leaves home can bathe every 6 to 8 weeks, if the hair is medium between 4 and 6 weeks, but if it is long and also the dog goes out for a walk, then it will be necessary to bathe it once a month. In the case of having long hair, it must always be perfectly untangled before bathing, in this way annoying knots will be avoided.

In our article how to bathe my dog ​​at home we give you the keys to get it, although you can also leave this task in the hands of professionals.


Of course, and as with any other race, the shih tzu appreciate affection, pay attention and give them all the love of the world. But it is important that this love does not translate into sweets, excess food or food for human consumption, as this race is prone to obesity so that overfeeding them will only lead to creating a vice in which your pet will constantly ask for food, besides affecting your health.


In addition to all these tips, it is important that you take your pet to veterinary reviews, that you ensure that you receive all your vaccinations and reinforcements and that you provide a good food and an environment full of love so you can grow healthy and happy, making you company for years and years.