How to care for a Saint Bernard

The San Bernardo is a large dog breed known for its unmistakable physical characteristics. It can weigh up to 90 kg and its coat is white and brown or chestnut yellow. It is a dog with excellent olfactory qualities that make it an ideal breed to perform rescue tasks in mountain areas. Although it is usually seen as a docile and clumsy dog, the truth is that much more agile than people think. Its large dimensions mean that we must ensure that it receives a good education and that it grows as an obedient dog. If you are interested in knowing everything about this race, in .com we explain how to take care of a Saint Bernard .

The character of San Bernardo

The San Bernardo is a very affectionate dog and one that likes to give and receive love from humans. He is a very calm dog, but he can react to threats, especially if he feels that one of his masters is in danger. His dealings with children are unparalleled and he loves to take care of them. It is a dog to which, with a good education, it is not difficult to obey, and in spite of its great physique is not usually problematic with other dogs and is not aggressive with smaller breeds. Although obviously, each dog is a world and largely depends on his education.

With these characteristics, San Bernardo is a good candidate for house guard dog . Also, living with him is not a problem because although he is a large dog, he does not tend to bite furniture and other objects in the house, although he is stubborn.

In this article we explain how the Saint Bernard is.

Education of San Bernardo

As we explained in the previous point, this big guy is usually, generally, docile and affectionate. However, we must bear in mind that it is a large dog, so it is important that you receive an adequate education since you are little to avoid that when you are an adult, you will fall on the people throwing them to the ground. Therefore, one of our main tips to know how to care for a Saint Bernard is to be aware that we must strive to obey and provide the best education on our part. The truth is that it is a race that tends to show a predisposition for learning.

Physical activity of San Bernardo

Another of the San Bernardo care that we must take into account, as in all dogs, is the daily physical activity you need. Although it is a large breed dog, the truth is that the San Bernardo does not need to do much exercise . It is best to take him out for a walk at least three times a day and try to let him play with other dogs for a while or let him run. Try to teach him since he is little to walk by your side, and accustom him to come to your call to make sure you can release it without problem.

Food of San Bernardo

Food is one of the factors that we must take into account in the care of San Bernardo, since this dog tends to get fat easily . Therefore, it is best to feed him in two or three shifts when he is an adult, and dose the amount of food he can eat daily. In this way, we will prevent you from eating only once and being hungry for the rest of the day. Check with the veterinarian what amount of food you should give your San Bernardo based on their age, weight, and other factors to consider. In general, this breed eats a large amount of food, so you must assume the expenses involved in acquiring quality food.

It goes without saying that you should avoid feeding anything that is not your usual food indicated by the veterinarian. You can give him treats for dogs on time, especially when he is in the learning period, but we must bear in mind that we will have to reduce the amount of his daily food.

San Bernardo hygiene

In the event that we tend to walk our dog through mountain areas or natural environments, it is more likely to get dirty more often. In general, it is advisable to bathe once a month with a suitable product for your hair that you can find in any veterinary center. Another of the care of the San Bernardo is linked to its lush and abundant fur, which should be brushed frequently in order to help change the hair and avoid having to be sweeping the house constantly. Also, we must cut the nails of our San Bernardo once a month using the right utensil to avoid damaging it. In this article we teach you how to cut your dog's nails.

On the other hand, we must also clean their eyes with cotton to prevent them from becoming infected. In order to carry out this task successfully, it is best to consult the veterinarian about the best product to use, always avoiding those that may be irritable. Here you can see how to clean your dog's eyes.

Other tips for caring for a Saint Bernard

  • Being a large breed, it is advisable that the San Bernardo has a garden or patio where you can sniff, investigate and browse, since it is an excellent sniffer dog .
  • In general, San Bernardo has a life expectancy of about 10 years, although there are cases in which they can live longer, depending on their health and quality of life.
  • A San Bernardo who has not been properly educated, like any other dog, can present behaviors that pose a danger to people, since it is a large breed. However, we must be aware that it is our responsibility to know how to care for a Saint Bernard and cover all his needs.
  • Being a large breed dog, you may have health problems such as stomach twisting.
  • Make sure your dog visits the veterinarian periodically and that he has all the necessary vaccines.

Finally, remember before buying a dog, that there are thousands of abandoned dogs looking for a second chance and that they might be perfect for you. In this article we show you how to find dogs to adopt.