How to care for a Samoyed

The Samoyeds are native to Russia and Siberia, anyone would think that their temperament is cold and distant, however they are very affectionate and sensitive, as well as playful, so if you have children, this dog will be an excellent companion, although with other dogs it is usually be pretty dominant Their large white fur and dark eyes become irresistible especially when they are puppies; this race was used as hunting dogs, also as herd keepers and to pull the sledges. If you have a dog of this breed or you think of having one, we will teach you how to care for a Samoyed .

Steps to follow:


The Samoyeds tend to be a fairly obedient breed, however when they are puppies they will need a bit more character so it is necessary to know who the owner is. For this it is not necessary to use force, just show him gestures such as: walking by your side while walking and when putting food, similarly when leaving home, do it first and he will follow you. Try using different techniques when you are training, since they are very intelligent dogs and they will get bored very fast.


Another thing that you have to take into account when caring for a Samoyed is that you should brush your hair every day preferably, its abundant hair makes them release a lot of hair so it is preferable to eliminate it naturally. On the other hand keep your genital areas shaved, as well as your belly in this way you will avoid entanglements. Acuse it to this since he is a puppy if it will not be difficult to enjoy it big. On the other hand, it is necessary that you always check their fur, because its abundance and thickness is very easy to hide ticks or fleas.


As we explained previously, the Samoyed race is characterized by being a hunting dog so it has a rather restless personality and needs physical activity, but not in excess. 20 minutes of exercise a day will be enough, do not force it if you do not want to, as abusing it can cause damage to your physical development, especially when they are puppies. Take your dog 3 times a day.


Sterilize the dog This is another of the steps you must follow to care for a Samoyed, if you are sure that you will not get your dog's offspring, we recommend sterilizing it to the female before the first heat, in this way you will avoid diseases such as uterine infections or breast cancer, and the male needs to be castrated at an early age as a way to prevent prostate problems and testicular cancer.


Bathe a Samoyed at least every 3 months . If you bathe at home it is necessary to dry your hair with a dryer to prevent it from getting wet, but it is best to take it to a canine hairdresser to give it the necessary care and also cut their nails. Another important point is oral hygiene, as well as that of your ears and eyes. Consult a specialist about the periodicity with which you should clean these areas.


Other cares to consider are:

  • Take care of your nails.
  • Feed it with a suitable feed for its size and weight and try to provide the right amount, since they have the ability to fatten.
  • If you take it to the hairdresser, make sure you do not cut too much of your fur, since your skin is very sensitive to the sun.
  • They tend to tire more easily during the summer, providing a cool place to sleep, as they can suffocate in the heat.
  • The Samoyeds are sensitive to noise so the firecrackers will not be to their liking.


Some of the diseases that these dogs can suffer are:

  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Dwarfism
  • Deafness.
  • Retinal atrophy other eye problems.