How are sequoias - sequoia

The tallest trees and the oldest trees that exist are redwood trees. They belong to conifers such as pine, fir, cedar, etc. In this article we will explain how these magnificent trees are, the largest in the world and the oldest trees in the world, the redwood trees. In addition we will show you several images of the largest trees in the world.

The origin of redwoods

In remote geological epochs - around 100 million years ago - redwood trees lived in the northern hemisphere and formed vast forests in northern Europe, America, Asia and Greenland. But climate change greatly influenced these trees, many of which became fossilized.

Where are sequoias today

At present there are only two species found in the United States of America: the red tree of the Pacific coast and the large Californian tree. These giant trees reach up to 100 meters high and 11 meters in diameter. But the amazing thing is also the incredible age that makes them go back to the beginning of the story.

Origin of the word Secuoia

The word derives from the word Sequoyah, name of the Indian chief who created the Cherokee alphabet, of the aborigines of North America.