How to care for a poodle toy

The poodle toy or poodle toy is one of the smartest dog breeds we can find, it is an animal that loves being in family, playing and accompanying its owner wherever he goes. Due to their capacity of attention and response these pets are very conducive to training, but we must especially monitor their education to avoid spoiling them and create patterns of behavior that will then be difficult to correct. To know all the attention that this race needs, read on, because in .com we explain how to take care of a poodle toy .

Steps to follow:


Poodle toy or poodle are very intelligent dogs, so training them in basic tasks such as sitting, doing their needs in a certain place or perform certain tricks will be very easy as long as you are patient and constant. However you must have something very clear: once you get your dog used to certain things it will be very difficult to remove this habit.

Due to the domestic and company nature of these dogs, many owners accustom them to practices such as eating food prepared by us, getting on furniture or constantly ask for food, something that the animal will learn quickly and never forget.


The poodle toy is a very long-lived dog, being able to live close to 20 years with the appropriate care. It is very important that these dogs are reared in a balanced environment in which they are disciplined and not maligned. In the same way socialization from puppies with other dogs and people is basic, otherwise the poodle is likely to become a jealous, nervous and in some cases even aggressive animal with strangers.


When caring for a poodle toy feeding is basic. It is important not to give the dog our food because if the animal learns that asking will get food then always ask, this condition can become a problem when the dog barks frequently and sharply to get what he wants.

When choosing the feed you must take into account the age of your pet, in the same way the portions are essential to keep your dog properly fed without exceeding. In our article how much should my dog ​​eat we teach you how to calculate the amounts.


Another essential aspect when caring for a poodle toy is to properly take care of your hair . It has a lot of tendency to knot, to avoid them and to avoid completely shaving the coat in more serious cases it will be necessary to brush your dog's hair daily . This will also allow you to make sure that there are no parasites on the skin of the animal, it will keep your hair clean and, at the same time, it will create a bond between you.

It is important to carry out this task from the first months of life, so the dog will get used to it without problem. In our article how to brush the dog's hair we explain the way to do it. Your ears also require cleaning and care, for this it is recommended to use a gauze moistened with water and gently remove any dirt that may accumulate.


The toy poodle has a fairly anxious character, is very prone to barking frequently and is not a dog that supports solitude well, so it is preferable for homes where most of the time there is someone. Otherwise you must accustom him from small to be alone without this representing a problem for him. In our article how to treat separation anxiety in dogs, we give you essential keys that will help you.

It is very important that this animal is exercised daily to reduce stress and burn energy. The poodle toy enjoys long walks and running, important activities for the animal so it is recommended to have time for him.


Between their cares they can not miss the annual visits to the veterinarian and the fulfillment of the vaccination calendar to avoid illnesses. Remember also that it is a pet that enjoys family, so this dog should not be isolated from their owners or environment.

With this care and the necessary love your pet will grow healthy and happy.