How to care for a betta fish

Betta fish is a striking and curious animal, also known for its aggressiveness and territoriality so it is also called fighting fish . There are many people who choose this variety of fish as a pet, but not everyone is clear about the basic care of the betta and what should be taken into account in order for the fish to live as well as possible. In this article we explain how to care for a betta fish.

Steps to follow:


First, it should be noted that betta fish live better in pairs than in groups because they are very territorial and could be attacked between them; hence comes the other name by which they are known: combatant fish . In this way, we recommend that you opt for a male and a female, since two males together also tend to have problems.


At the time of choosing the aquarium for your fish or betta fish it will be necessary that the dimensions are considerable so that they can swim at ease and do not suppose any type of problem for their wide tail. The depth of the water should be about 15 cm and we will not place rocks in the bottom.


Also, it is not recommended to install artificial plants in the aquarium since the betta fish can get hooked on them and tear the tail. In case we want to place vegetation, it must be natural.


Betta fish are characterized by their ability to breathe oxygen in air and water, so it will not be necessary to oxygenate the water . We must ensure that the filtration of the water is smooth to avoid creating currents; in case of not being able to achieve this, it will be better if it is null


As for the optimal temperature for betta fish should be kept between 25 and 30ÂșC. For this reason, when it comes to taking care of a betta fish correctly, it is probably necessary to buy a heater with a thermostat.


Betta fish are carnivores so that the ideal would be to feed them with live food, but the truth is that dry or frozen food will be more practical and safe due to the fact that it does not contain parasites. In this way, you must ensure that the food you give is rich in protein and, occasionally, you can feed your betta fish with mosquito larvae, small worms, worms, etc.


To clean the aquarium use specific products and never bleach or other abrasive products that could kill your betta fish. Also, it is recommended that water changes be partial and not total, so that the water temperature is maintained.


Now you know some of the tips to know how to care for a betta fish but it is important that you know some more information about these animals that will become your pet.

  • Two or more males can not live together because they could kill themselves to defend their territory. It is better that you choose to mix a male with a female or two females.
  • The females can share their space with other animals such as: chupalgas, calm and pacific fish, freshwater mussel or snails.
  • The usual diet of betta fish is based on packaged fish food, especially a small ball that looks similar to strawberry seeds. They only need to eat 3 times a week, in case you give them more food, the fish could overfeed and have a shorter life.
  • The life expectancy of a betta fish, if the care you provide is adequate, ranges between 4 or 5 years.