How to write arrogance or arrogance

In the Spanish language, it is very common to doubt whether we should write the letter / -b / o, on the contrary, the letter / -v / in those words that include them, and that both are pronounced in the same way. That is why it is essential to pay attention to the writing of all the terms that incorporate these spellings and to consult the dictionary beforehand so as not to make orthographic errors in our texts. In we help you to solve a very clear example, revealing how to write arrogance or arrogance . Take note!


When we look for the term 'arrogance' in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), we verify that it is registered and it is a feminine noun that can be used under the following meanings:

  • "Haughty and disorderly appetite to be preferred to others." Example: Yesterday you were not very kind to Pablo, next time you must have less arrogance .
  • "Excess in the ornamentation or sumptuousness of a building". Example: New buildings have not been constructed with too much pride .
  • "Anger and anger expressed with broken actions or haughty and insulting words". Example: I could not contain myself, I got a lot of arrogance when I saw her talking to your friend.

It can also be used as an adjective under the following meanings:

  • "That has arrogance or is carried away by it." Example: Laura is a very proud girl, she almost never greets you.
  • "Great or magnificent." Example: I really like how you have reformed your house, it has been superb .

Therefore, when you want to refer to any of the above meanings, you must write 'arrogance' to avoid spelling mistakes.

* sobervia

However, if we introduce the term 'sobervia' in the dictionary, we quickly see that it is not collected and that we are shown the previous way by having a similar script. That is why this word is not written correctly and you should not use it in any case.

The correct term is 'arrogance' with the graph / -b / in the two positions.